Summer Dress Crochet Top

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Today we share a beautiful knit for summer.We expect your comments

A fashionable short jacket with a relief pattern is connected with a sectional dye yarn, which adds a freshness and originality model.

34/36 (38/40) 42/44

Yarn (50% cotton, 50% nylon, 120 m / 50 g) - 450 (500) 550 g of beige-lilac melange; spokes number 3; circular knitting needles №3; 7 brass buttons.


An odd number of loops. Each row start and finish 1 edgeband. 

Face series: alternately 1 purl, 1 facial, finish 1 purl. 

Wrong rows: loops are to be sewn according to the drawing.

The number of loops is a multiple of 6 + 4 + 2 edges = knit acc. scheme. On it are given the front rows. In the back rows, the loops are tied according to a pattern, the nakids are lacquered; of 2 nakidov in a row, the first nakid to tie the front, the second nakid - purl. Start with 1 edge and loops before the rapport, repeat constantly repeat, end with loops after the rapport and 1 edgeband. Constantly repeat the 1-8th series.

Face series - purl loops, purl rows - facial loops.

Face series - facial loops, purl rows - purl loops.

26.5 p. X 36.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm; 
the bar at 6 p. = width 2 cm.



Dial 133 stitches on the spokes 111 (121) and bind 5 cm with an elastic band for the strap, at the same time add 3 (5) 5 n = 114 (126) 138 n in the last purl series.  

Continue to work with a pattern of rhombuses. 

After 19 cm = 70 rows from the strip, close for the armhole on both sides 1 x 3 p., Then close in each 2nd row 3 x 1 p. = 102 (114) 126 p.  

After 35 cm = 128 rows (37, 5 cm = 136 rows) 39.5 cm = 144 rows from the strip to close for the middle of the neck 48 pts and finish both sides separately. 

For rounding along the inner edge, close in the next 2 rows 1 x 2 n. After 36 cm = 132 rows (38.5 cm = 140 rows) 40.5 cm = 148 rows from the strip to close the remaining 25 (31) 37 p Shoulders.

Type 72 on the spokes of 60 (66) and knit for stitches as follows: edge, 53 (59) 65 stems with rubber, start and finish 1 facial, then tie 4 stitches with a purl, 1 st in front smooth, and 1 edge, while in the last purl series, add 3 p = 63 (69) 75 p. uniformly.  

Continue the work as follows: edge, 56 (62) 68 stencils in rhombus pattern, start with loops before rapport, then perform the rapport 9 (10) 11 times, then for the strip finish 4 items of the pattern 3, 1 st of the pattern 4 and the edge pattern. Run along the right edge, as on the back = 57 (63) 69 p. 

After 27.5 cm = 100 rows (30 cm = 108 rows) 32 cm = 116 rows from the strip, close for the neck at the left edge 1 x 12 p., Then in each 2 rows close 2 x 3 p., 6 x 2 p. And 2 x 1 p. At the height of the backrest, close the remaining 25 (31) 37 p. Of the shoulder.

Knit just like the left shelf, but in a mirror image and with 6 holes for the buttons. The first hole for the button is to be made in the bar in 2 rows from the starting row as follows: edge, 1 face, 2 stitches together, purl, 1 cap, 2 purl. In the next purl series, wrap the front cover over the front. The remaining 5 holes for the buttons should be made at intervals of 18 (20) 22 rows.

For each sleeve, dial 70 (82) 94 sts for each sleeve and connect 5 cm with an elastic band for the strap, and finish 1 facial edgeband, and in the last backside row add 14p = 84 (96) 108p.  

Continue the work with a pattern from rhombuses. 

After 20.5 cm = 174 rows from the strip, close the sleeves on both sides 1 x 3 ppi for the pellet, then reduce in each 2nd row 21 x 1 pt and in each row 4 x 1 p. (In each 2- m row 17x1p and in each row 12x1p) in each 2nd row 13x1p and in each row 20x1p. After 33.5cm =  
122 rows from the strip, close the remaining 28 (32) 36 p.

Perform shoulder seams. 

For bakey, dial circular knitting needles along the edge of the throat 139 pts and knit with an elastic band, while between the edges begin and finish 1 facial. After 2 rows from the beginning of knitting, fasten the straps for the 7th hole for the button, the 3rd and 4th loops together with the front one and make 1 cape. In the purl stripe, the nakid is again included in the pattern. With a width of 4 cm, close all the loops according to the drawing. 

Sew up sleeves, make side seams and seam sleeves. Sew off the buttons. 

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