Cardigan Free Pattern

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Sizes: 34/36, 38/40 and 42/44 

You will need: 650 (700/750) g yarn (75% wool, 25% polyamide, 150 m/50 g); Spokes No 4.5-5; 7 figured buttons. 

The density of knitting: 32 P. and 30 p. = 10 x 10 cm of the main pattern. 

Elastic Band: * 4 LM, 4 pi * Repeat from * to *. 

The main pattern: knit according to the scheme. The diagram shows the faces. and the ranks. 

The pattern is shown as it appears on the faces. Side. Persons. Rows read from right to left, P.-From left to right. Repeat 1-8 p. 

Back: On the spokes Dial 148 (164/180) p. and link the 1st row (IP) as follows: Chrome. P., 2 IP, * 4 lп, 4 IP. Repeat from *, Chrome. Then continue to work the main pattern of the scheme, and after the chrome. P. To execute rapport from 8 p. 18 (20/22) times, to finish 2 p. After Raport and Krom. P. At an altitude of 44 (42/40) cm for armholes to close on both sides 1 time to 4 p., then in each 2nd P. 2 times 3 p., 2 times 2 p. and 2 times 1 p.-116 (132/148) p. At an altitude of 82 cm for the neck to close the average 36 p. , then on both sides of them in each 2nd P. 2 times 4 p. At an altitude of 64 cm close the remaining 31 (39/47) p. For each shoulder. 

Left shelf: On the Spokes Dial 76 (84/92) p. and perform the gum, as on the backrest. Then knit the main pattern, performing a rapport of 8 p. 9 (10/11) times. At the height of 44 (42/40) cm from the right edge to perform the armhole, as on the back = 60 (68/76) p. At the height of 54 cm for cutting the neck on the left side close 1 times 9 p., then in each 2nd P. 2 times 3 p., 3 times 2 p. and 8 times 1 p. at Height 64 CM Close the remaining 31 (39/47) p. Shoulder. 

Right shelf: knit symmetrically left. 

Sleeves: On the spokes Dial 92 (92/100) p. and start knitting as a backrest, and after the gum, going to the main pattern, to perform the Rapport of 8 p. 11 (11/12) times. For expansion of sleeves on both parties to add after 35 (15/15) p. 1 times on 1 p., then in each 12-th p. 7 times on 1 p. (in each 8th P. 10 times on 1 p. and in each 6th P. 5 times on 1 p./in each 8-th p. 10 Times on 1 p. and in each 6th P. 5 times on 1 p.) = 108 (124/132) p. At an altitude of 44 cm for okata sleeves close on both sides 1 time to 4 p., then in each 2nd P. 1 times 3 p., 2 times 2 p., 15 times 1 p., 1 time to 2 p. , 2 times 3 p. and 2 times 4 p., then close the remaining 24 (40/48) p. Total height of the sleeve = 60 cm. The second sleeve is linked similarly. 

Assembly: Iron The details by ironing with a damp, spreading the pattern. Execute all seams, sew sleeves in armholes. On the edge of the left shelf to raise 102 p. and knit rubber band, starting and respectively finished 1st Izn. P. with Chrome. P. and 4 pi. At a height of 6 cm loop close. Lay the bar in half and sew with the Side. To execute the lath of the right shelf similarly, but at the same time to execute 2 times on 5 apertures for buttons. The first row with apertures to execute at height 1.5 sm, the second-at height 4.5 sm. For everyone in the faces. Row Knit 30 p., then close 2 p. (average 2 p. In the area of gum), * Knit 14 p., 2 p. Close, repeat from * 3 times and then the remaining 6 p. (thus in the trail of the series all closed loops to dial again). Fold the bar in half, combining the holes and sew with the IZN. Side.

Source : https://vk.com/irinblizzard_knit?w=wall-83459950_3652%2Fall

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