Skirt Model Crochet Pattern

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36/38 (40/42)

You will need
Yarn (40% viscose, 30% cotton, 20% flax, 10% polyamide; 125 m/50 g)-100 g blue-green, pale green, light green, turquoise and apricot; Hook № 5; The band is dark green in length 1.4 m and 16 mm wide. 

Patterns and diagrams
Color Sequence 1
1 Circular range Light green, 
2 circular rows of apricot,
3 Circular Series Turquoise thread.

Color Sequence 2
On one circular row * blue-green, turquoise, pale green, light green and apricot thread, from * repeating.

Light green thread to execute a chain of 4 V.P. and to close it in a ring with the help of 1 Conn. Art. 

Knit in the scheme of circular rows of consent. Color sequences 1. Each circular series start with the initial V.P. consent. Scheme and finish 1 Conn. Art. In the last initial VP of the Circular series. 

Run 1 to 6-th circular series. 

Toothed pattern
Consent. Scheme to perform the circular series depicted in green and logically continue them, while knitting consent. Color Sequences 2.

Each circular row start with 3 VP instead of 1st. c/N and finish 1 Conn. Art. In 3rd VP replacement.

Density of knitting
1 diamond = 20 x 17 cm; 
19 p. x 7 circle. R. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a jagged pattern. 

The dimensions on the pattern are partially obtained when measuring the model. 


Performing work
Run 5 (6) Diamonds and, starting with the 2nd motive, connect them to the ring for the side corners marked with arrows. 

Then the bottom edge of diamonds to tie a serrated pattern = 200 (240) p. 

After 10 cm = 7 circular rows from the beginning of tying to finish the job. 

The top edge of diamonds to be tied similarly. 

At the same time to give the shape of the reduce 1 time in the 11th round row, once in the 14th circular row and 4 times in each 2nd next round row of 10 (12) p. 

For this 2 last art. c/n before, and also 2 first art. c/n After the joints of diamonds to bind together respectively (= 2 ubavlennyh loops per diamond) = 140 (168) p. 

Through 37 cm = 26 circular rows from the beginning of the tying to align the edge continue to work with the turquoise thread as follows: At the lower angles on both sides to perform 2 art. c/N, instead of the remaining art. c/N and V.P. to perform art. b/N. 

After 4 circular rows finish work 1 next to the openwork pattern (= alternating 1st. c/N and 1 V.P.).

Source : https://verena.ru/vyazanie-kruchkom/yubka-s-motivami-i-zubchatym-kraem-6166/

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