Crochet Tunic

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Hello. Today I found a very nice tunic for you. The construction is very easy. You can reach the original content from the link below. Tunic Description of the m @ lobe with Osinki:
The main pattern: 1 row - columns with a crochet,
2 rows - a column with a crochet, 1 air. loop (as in the loin),
3 row - a column with a crochet over a column, a column with a crochet in the cell (under the air),
4 row - as 2 row, alternate 2 and 3 rows
Begin to knit from the neck, I dialed 140 loops. We knit the collar straight rows 15, then expand the coquette, add to the rows of solid bars - through one cell we make under the air 2 pillars with a crochet, the next row with solid bars knit as usual (as the 3rd row). So we alternate to the desired length of the coquette - I have 16 rows. Then we leave the hole for the hands on the coquette, we collect 16 hinges for the underarms and knit directly for the entire length of the product (if the hips are wide, you can expand the way as on the coquette.) The lower bar is knitted with columns without a crochet 5-7 cm. We bind the neck, armholes and bottom of the rachium I hope that everything is written clearly Source :

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