Jumper with braids and a round yoke

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Gentle and feminine jumper with a round yoke, accentuated by a belt of a patterned pattern and large braids, looks extremely stylish. 
34/36 (38/40) 42/44 

Yarn (70% silk, 30% wool ĸa; 145 m / 50 g) - 450 (500) 550 g zolotistoy; Knitting needles number 3.5; round knitting needles No. 3.5, 60 and 80 cm 

Face and back rows are facial patches. 

Rows in the forward and reverse direction: the front rows are the front loops, the back rows are the back loops; Circular rows: knit only facial. 

In the beginning of the row = imperial, 5 face, 2 pins to tie together face;
at the end of the row = knit up to the last 8 loops, then knit 2 loops together with a wedge (remove the 1 loop, as a face, 1 face, then stretch it through the removed loop), 5 facial stitches. 

ranks in the forward and backward directions: front rows - back loops, back side rows - lysee loops; Red rows: knit only with handwork. 

1st row: 8 loops, pererestitel (4 loops, pans, and 4 loops) on the auxiliary needle behind the work; auxiliary needle in front of the worker, fasten the next 4 loops with the front ones, then knit the loops with the auxiliary needles with facial needles). 

2–14th order: facial smoothness.

Execute 2 times 1–14th row, then again 1 time to repeat 1–4th row = always 32 rows. 

Bottom, 5 (6) 7 s. With satin stitch, * 16 s. Pattern “Spit” A, 4 (6) 8 s. With sutter stitch, * constantly repeat, finish with 16 pattern “Coca” A, 5 (6) 7 n. Outward satin, short. 

beginning of the row = edge, 2 loops fasten together front; 
at the end of the row = knot along the tight 2 loops together with a tilt to the left. 

1st circular row: 6 hinges on the cross over to the right (3 weeks left on the calendar for work, following 3 loops on the face, then loop on the auxiliary knots on the side), cross the 6 loops on the table, and on the left, I off-set on the table. 3 fasten face loops, fasten loops with auxiliary needles to fasten loops with facial needles). 

The 2nd to 10th Circle Rows: Faces. 

Run 3 (3) 4 times 1–10 th circle rows, end 1–4 th round rows = all 34 (34) 44 round rows. 

Circular rows (number of multiples is 16 (18) 20 p.). * 2 (3) 4 sect. Purl stitch, 12 s. Glance “Coca” B, 2 (3) 4 s. Seamstudy, from * constantly repeat. 

* 1 facial, 2 external, 1 facial, from * consistently repeated. 

25 p. X 35 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by the face and inside-out stitch; 
31 p. X 32 p. = 10 x 9 cm, associated with the distribution of gripes; 
29 p. X 34 krug.p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a coquette pattern. 
Collect needles 144 (156) 168 lines and for a plan and tie 1 cm = 5 rows viscous ticked, starting with 1 seamy row. 

Continue to work the facial smooth. 

After 3.5 cm = 12 rows from the plank, fold back for 1 x 1 pt to reinforce each side, then 3 x 1 p. In each 10th row and 4 x 1 p. In each 8th row, with this execute underwritten submissions A = 128 (140) 152 p.

24.5 cm = 86 rows from the sheet continue working according to the distribution of patterns = 6 "coke". 

Due to the different density of knitting, the hemming is enhanced. On the vykoyke it is taken into account in the size of the COSA. 

In the 31st series of distribution of patterns, add 24 loops with the following pattern: on each “O” line, add 4 loops in the following way: tie 2 x 2 items together with the face, 8 faces and re-knit 2 x 2 points together with the face number 104, together with the face one, 8 again, and again untie the 2 x 2 points together with the face one and 104 again together 128 p. 

After 10 cm = 32 rows from the beginning of knitting cons. distribution of patterns from inside to continue work with facial smoothness. 

Simultaneously in the 1st row it is emphasized to add for a short rugged bevel from both sides 1 x 1 point, then in each 4th row 2 x 1 point, with this, to perform underlined lines B.

In 3.5 cm = 12 rows from the end of the distribution of patterns, leave the remaining 98 (110) 122 points. 

Knit, and back. 

Spoke on each needle for 72 (76) 84 petty hands and tie 1 cm = 5 rows of a cloth band for a film. 

Continue the work of the facial smoothness. 

Simultaneously add a hand for the skirt on both sides in each 14th row from the plan 5 x 1 n. And in each 12th row 3 x 1 n. (In each 12th row 4 x 1 n. And in each 10 m row 6 x 1 p.) in every 12th row 4 x 1 p. and in every 10th row 6 x 1 p. = 88 (96) 104 p. 

Through 34.5 cm = 120 rows from the bar continue work acc. yzorov distribution = 4 "braids". 

In the 31st series of the distribution of patterns, reduce the 16 loops (= on each “spit” by 4 points), ĸaĸ on the back = 72 (80) 88 points.

After 10 cm = 32 rows from the start of knitting acc. To the distribution of the patterns, continue to work with the facial smoothness. 

Odnovpemenno perform short peglannye bevels, ĸaĸ spinke on and after 3.5 cm = 12 ryadov from kontsa racpredeleniya patterns ostavit Remaining 66 (74) 82 p. 

Poochepedno nabpat long krugovye spokes spinĸi loops, 1st sleeve, before and 2 -th sleeve and vceh 328 (368) 408 loops first litsevoy knit stitch, VARIATIONS this in the 1st row krygovom provyazat ĸromochnye the following loop or ppedyduschey vmecte facial sootvetstvenno = 320 (360) 400 p. 

After 1 cm = 4 of a circular series (2.5 cm = 8 circular rows) 1 cm = 4 Circular rows from the beginning of the knitting of the yoke continue to work with a pattern of ĸ netĸ = 20 "braids" or p apports.

To give shape in 33 (33) 43rd circle of pattern, it is necessary to reduce 80 paragraphs (= 4 points for each “braid”), for this, on each “bone” knit in the following way: 2 puffs tied together front, 1 face , 2 knots knit together with a face, 2 fasten 2 facial loops, 1 facial together, 2 knit facial loops together, 2 loops = 240 (280) 320 

section . Through 10 cm = 34 round rows (10 cm = 34 round rows) 13 cm = 44 round rows from the beginning of knitting with the pattern of the yoke to go over to the short round needles and link more than 4 (6) 8 circles in a straight line, at the same time, in each 2nd circle, equal to the equal space of the equal row of equal length. l 2 (3) 4 x 20 p. = 200 (220) 240 p.

12.5 cm = 42 circular rows (14 cm = 48 circular rows) 16.5 cm = 56 circle rows from the start of knitting the yoke to continue working for the pink ruler, while in the 10th horizontal row of rubber, subtract 50 (55) 60 p. = 150 (165) 180 f. for etogo each iznanochnom rybchike provyazat 2 loops together purl and Next Add all loops provyazyvat Po risynky 

cherez 6 cm From the beginning vyazaniya vorotniĸa continue raboty front stitch for zakrychennogo ĸraya, verily in the 1st In a row, equally distributed, subtract 10 (15) 20 point = 140 (150) 160 point. 

With a width of 3 cm, there is a free closing of all the loops, as the front ones. 

Execute batt stitches, stitched stitches and rotary stitches.

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