Crochet Very Nice Sundress

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Size: 44/46 

You will need: 200 g white, green light and bright pink, 100 pink yarn (100% merserizovalno cotton, 100 g/250 m); Hook № 3; Thread-elastic; Silicone tape for straps. 

Knitting technique. 
Fileynaya grid. 
1st row: Alternately 1 art. S/N and 1. P.; 
2nd row: Alternately 1 art. c/N in art. Of the previous row and 1 ad. P. 

Vertical stripes: Knit on Circuits 1 and 2. 
Pico: 1 Art. b/N, 4. P. and soed. Art. In art. b/N, from which began to knit the build. P. 
Bottom strapping: Knit according to the scheme 3. 

The density of knitting, 10.5 fileynyh cells and 12 p. = 10 x 10 cm.

Job description 

Backrest: Crochet 15 strips (5 white, 2 green, 4 bright pink, 4 light pink) According to the scheme 1, connecting them with each other at knitting (2 VOD. P., soyed. St. In the side arch of the next lane, 2 etc.). Alternate stripes as follows: Light pink, bright pink, light pink, white, green, light pink, bright pink, white, bright pink, light pink, green, white, light pink, bright pink, light pink. 

Before: Crochet 2 mirror green stripes (the beginning of the lifting Lifa), to do this, tie the 4 rows of the scheme 2, then continue on the scheme 1 (when knitting in the scheme 1 attach them to the finished cloth of the backrest). Tie 4 strips (the top part of a bodice): 2 light pink and 2 white strips on the scheme 1 (having increased number of rows from 4 fileynyh cages from 15 to 20, i.e. not 1-15, and 1-20 a row, then knit on a scheme), attach them to strips of the beginning of a lifting bodice. Tie 2 mirror green stripes (bevel bodice): 3 rows in the Scheme 2 (starting from the 2nd row), then continue on the diagram 1, attach them to the strips of the upper parts of the bodice. Tie the bright pink yarn 1 strip (the central part of the bodice) according to the scheme 1 (increasing the number of rows of 4 Phil. Cells from 15 to 16, ie, not 1-15, and 1-16 series, then knit on the scheme), attach them to the strips of bevel, so the sundress will be closed in a circle. 

Assembly: Tie the crochet of light pink yarn 2 straps, for this tie 4 trucks. P. + 3 P. Lifting and knit 36 rows of art. With the scum. Sew the straps to the sundress. Perform strapping of the top of the Sarafan, including the straps, light pink yarn alternately 4 art. With scum, Pico. Perform the strapping of the bottom of the sarafane with light pink yarn According to the scheme 3.

Source : http://igmihrru.ru/MODELI/kr/platie/134/134.html

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