Best to show a knitted stitch

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Do not forget about! • It is convenient not only on a flat front surface, but is also well suited for stitching the typesetting edge and the edge that is not closed. • Insert the needle at the back of the stitch ить, then hook the two halves of the stitch on the other edge of the stitched fabric with a needle and return to the stitch on the spoke already in front of repeat these steps until done. • The main thing here is not to confuse the order of introducing the needle into the loop: first from the back, then from the front! • It is more convenient for me not to remove the stitches from the knitting needle, but to sew on it. As I fixed one loop, then only I remove it from the knitting needle and pull the thread. • I immediately adjust the tension so that the seam is uniform, never pulls or hangs! • Then you can align, but it will be more difficult. • I know that for many this seam is difficult, but you need to try, train and then everything will work out for sure! • Are you friends with this seam ? Source :

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