Women Cap Free Pattern

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Reduce and add knitted fabric with a woven pattern: 
To add 5 air loops instead of 5 air loops in the fancy pattern at the beginning of the row: 3 lift air loops, knit 2 double crochets in the first loop, then begin to knit the pattern rapport: 1 airy loop, 3 crochets nakidom from the arches in front of the lush column of the previous row, then knit a lush column from the group of cape columns of the underlying row. Having tied to the end of the row, finish knitting with three crochets from the last loop.

Knit the next row without double crochet groups at the beginning and at the end of the row, but increasing the number of rapports due to the added groups in the previous row. Start a row with 5 air loops and end with one crochet column. Thus from two sides the canvas expanded by two rapport. 

If necessary, repeat the addition the necessary number of times expanding the canvas. 

For subtraction, it is enough to knit at the beginning of a row with connecting loops before the start of another rapport and start knitting a row, and at the end of the row not to conclude one rapport of the pattern.

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