Crochet Shawl Sleeves Free Pattern

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Shawl Sleeves 

This model is better knit of mohair, as the mohair yarn has long fluffy fibers, and the products associated with it, are very airy, light and warm. Ideal for cold weather. Shawl-sleeves are not difficult to knit, facial surface and harness. The Italian mohair and spokes of 3 mm are taken as a basis. 

We start knitting with the cuff, for this type on the hosiery-toe spokes 40 loops, distribute 10 loops on each of the 4 spokes and knit gum 1x1 height cuff (height can be any that you like more). 
On our model the height of the cuff is 8 cm. 

In the last row after each loop we make a scum and pass on circular spokes. Thus, there are two times more loops on the spokes — 80. Then distribute the loops as follows, 32 pet. -Iznanoch., 16 pet. Persons. For the harness, and another 32 pet. IPMs. , 2 row-32 pet. Persons., 16 pet. Izn, 32 pet. Persons.. Knit another person. and N. Row in the fifth row: 32 pet. N., 8 pet. Persons Perekreshhivam to the left (8 pet persons. We remove on an additional spoke and leave before work, we bring 8 pet. Persons. With the main spokes and then Projazirat 8 pet. With additional spokes), 32 pet. IPMs. 

Further knit on the figure of 6 persons. Rows (32 pet, 16 pet, 32 pet) and 6 rows of Iznan. (32 pet., 16 pet., 32 pet persons.) And in the trail. Persons. Row in the harness Perekreshhivaem loops. Thus knitting on all length of a sleeve. 

Once the sleeve is connected, knit the backrest without the harness, ie in the faces. All loops are Iznanochnyjo, and in the Rows-all the loops are facial. 

Knit the width of the backrest and reach the trail. Sleeves and again distribute the loops-32 pet. N., 16 pet. Persons. and 32 pet. ... The second revat is knit in mirror reflection. As soon as we have completed the entire length of the sleeves, reduce the loops-projazhuem two loops together and pass on the hosiery spokes, (on each spoke should remain 10 pet.) and get the second cuff, close the loops. Now we only have to perform two stitches. Sew the sleeves on the inner side of the knitted seam to the desired length. Dimensions are individual, the width of the cuff, sleeves and backrest-you can define yourself, the more loops and thicker yarn, the width of the product will be larger. 

Fashionable, warm, spectacular accessory-ready!

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