Crochet Swimsuit Tutorial

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After the skirt is connected it is necessary to impose balls with tails and sew on separately. 

And here is the description of the shishek 
threads like "Iris", 
hook number 2, a 
little cotton wool 
1 row: knitting chain of 2 air loops. In the second loop from the hook - we knit 6 columns without a crochet. 
2nd row: increase - in each loop there are 2 stitches without crochet, that is, only 12 stitches 
3 row: increment - in each third loop there are 2 stitches without a crochet, that is, only 16 
stitches 4-6 a row: we knit without increases and additions with columns without a crochet, 16 loops 

7 rows: 2 stakes without a crochet, then decrease - 2 stitches together, one stitch without a crochet. Get 12 loops
We roll a ball out of cotton wool and stuff the resulting ball with a hole. 
8 row: close the hole (decrease) - every 2 loops tie together one column without the crochet, only 6 loops. These 6 loops need to be tightened with a thread, fastened and hidden in a bead. 

Here there is a diagram of this bodice. The 

arrows show the rows of tie-backs. And yet, I knit from the dart up, then I extended it down by 2 rows, so the dart turns out to be hidden under the frill. You can, of course, immediately knit from below) Tied calyxes in two rows of Art. b., tying the elastic band in the first row. The main canvas - art. b. n. - for one wall.

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