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Dimensions: 38/40, 42/44 and 46/48.

The data for size 38/40 is given in brackets (), for size 42/44 and 46/48 - before or after the slash in brackets. If given a single value, it applies to all sizes.
You will need:

600 (650/700) g melange Schachenmayr Universa green yarn (45% acrylic, 55% pure wool, 125 m / 50 g); straight and circular needles number 3-4, length 40 cm. 

Gum: alternately 1 persons., 1 out. P.

Facial smoothness: persons. ranks - individuals. hinges, rows - from. loops. 

Large pearl pattern: alternately 1 person., 1 out. n. In every 2nd p. pattern offset. 

Pattern of braids:

Knit according to the scheme, which shows only persons. R.; in out. R. knit loops on the pattern.

Constantly repeat from the 1st to the 6th p. or from 1st to 8th p. 

Knitting density:

individuals. smooth and pearl pattern: 22 p. and 30 p. = 10 x 10 cm; 

braid pattern: 40 p. = 15 cm wide.


Cross dial dial 112 (126/140) n. And 1 out. R. knit purl, then knit trail. way: Krom., 35 (42/49) persons. smooth surface, 40 paragraphs. pattern of braids, 35 (42/49) n. persons. smooth 

After 42 cm, start forming the V-shaped insert and continue these pearls with a pearl pattern. 

To do this, first in izn. R. in the middle of the pattern of braids from a transverse thread add 1 p. persons. cross = 113 (127/141) p. 

In the next individuals. R. knit up to 2 points in front of the braid, then 2 points together of persons, the first 20 points of the braid pattern, from the cross-thread add 1 point of persons. cross, middle pp. knit out., add 1 p., last 20 p. of the pattern of braids, then 2 p. together of persons. broach (= remove 1 p. as persons., 1 person. and stretch it through the removed p.). 

Continue 34x (38x / 38x) in each persons. R. to knit 2 points together with faces before the oblique., 20 paragraphs of the pattern of braids, add 1 section, knit up to the 2nd half of the pattern of braids, add 1 section and after the loops of the pattern of braids tie 2 paragraphs together of persons. broach; at the end in the middle, 71 (79/79) paragraphs will be knitted with a pearl pattern (for the size of 38/40 after the last subtraction or addition, knit 8 more rows exactly).

At a height of 68 cm on both sides close 32 (37/44) sections of the shoulder, the average 49 (53/53) sections should be set aside for the neckline.

Before: knit like a back.

Cross the dial type 68 (72/76) n. And knit elastic. 

After 7 cm from the set continue to individuals. at the same time, for bevels of sleeves on both sides in each 8th p. add 5 x 1 p. and in each 6th p. 10 x 1 p. (In every 6th p. 14 x 1 p. And in every 4th p. 4 x 1 p. / In every 6th p. 10 x 1 p. And in every 4th p. R. 10 x 1 p.) = 98 (108/116) p.

At a height of 42 cm all loops close.

The second sleeve is similar.


Spread out the parts and allow to dry under a wet towel.  

Run shoulder seams. 

Sew the sleeves on both sides to the middle 44 (48/52) cm lateral edges, then complete the seams of the sleeve and the side seams.

For a collar on deferred 98 (106/106) n. Neckline on circular knitting needles to knit with an elastic band. 

At the height of the collar 18 cm, all the loops should be closed or stitched in the Italian way.

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