Top with stars crochet free pattern

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size: 44/46 

you will need: yarn Anny Blatt: 6 skeins Jade (65% viscose, 35% polyester, 175 m / 25 g) blue (1017); Bouton dOr yarn: 2 hanks of Etoile (65% viscose, 35% polyester, 198 m / 25 g) black and silver (014) and silver (016); Knitting needles number 2.5; hook number 2. 

Patterns: persons. smooth surface p., art. b / n, art. s / n, art. s / 2n, "pitch step". 

The density of knitting, jade, individuals. smooth surface: 23 items and 32 r. = 10x10 cm. 

Back / front: knit faces. stitching Jade lower back and the front of the scheme on the spokes number 2.5. Tops knit filet mesh (cell size of about 1.5 x 1.5 cm) crochet number 2.

Assembly: perform side and shoulder seams. Jade part of armhole and tie the bottom of the product with Jade 1 p. Art. b / n and 1 p. "Rachogo step." Crochet about 40 stars with silver and 30 black and silver threads according to schemes 1 and 2. Sew stars to the top of the front and back, placing them in a random order (see photo).

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