Cool Women Blouse

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A model of 48 size requires 650g of imported wool yarn: 500g of bright lilac and 150g of dark blue. Ring spokes No. 3. Knitting stocking and gum 2x2 with twisted loops (facial loops knit behind the front walls).

All the details (back, front and sleeves) tie at the same time in a circle. Four connecting lines, consisting of two facial loops, pass through the center of the front, back and sleeves. In each front row along the connecting lines, add an air loop.

An example of calculation. The main measure is the circumference of the neck, equal to 38 cm. Knit density - 2 loops in 1 cm. 2 loops x38 q 76 loops. From the number of loops that make up the circumference of the neck, we take away the loops of four connecting lines, i.e. 76 loops - 2 loops x4 connecting lines and 68 loops.

68 loops: 4 parts q 17 loops.

To get started, type 76 loops plus 2 shredded spokes. Start knitting gum 2x2 (2-3 cm), then switch to hosily knitting with alternating stripes across 8 rows. For the best fit of the blouse on the figure immediately after the gum, untie the sprout, starting from the middle of the sleeve extended rows. Having brought the blouse to the line of the permea, make a fitting. Separate the loops of the front, backs and sleeves and begin to tie each detail separately, simulating the connecting line, i.e. along the connecting line in each front row continue to add loops, but at the beginning and at the end of the front row tie two loops together. When you tie the back, front and sleeves of the right length, align the corners. To do this, knit each corner separately, tying at the end of each row (facial and out) of 2 loops together.

Bottom of the jacket and cuff sleeves perform relief rubber (2 convex and 2 concave columns with a cape) hook No. 3.

Steam the blouse (except the rubber band) from the undercover in a deployed form through a damp cloth.

Between the dark stripes at the top of the jacket, pull the silk braid into two rows. In the third row, a thin moher thread in two folds perform the embroidery with a cross.

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