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The stylish sleeveless jacket can be combined with a skirt and trousers.

It will take: 
300 grams of yarn (70% Acrylic / 30% Wool) 
knitting needles number 7


Dial 50 loops and knit 52 cm purl seamstress. For the neck close on both sides of 16 loops, 
leave the remaining loops on the auxiliary spoke.

Gather 50 loops and knit as follows: 8 out., 6 persons., 10 out., 6 persons., 20 out. Purlit to knit 
by pattern. 
Link 6 rows, in the 7th row we do the crossing for the braids as follows: 2 loops on the auxiliary knitting needle 
at work, 1 person., Tie 2 loops to the auxiliary knitting needle, 1 loop on the auxiliary needle before 
work, 2 persons., 1 loop with remix Knitting needles. Crossing do in every 7th row. The side braids consist 
of 8 motifs, and the middle large braid is made of 18 motifs, including the collar. After 52 cm, close 
16 loops on both sides , leave the loop for the neck on the auxiliary spoke.

Knit straight loops on the front and back of the inside 14 rows, knitting a braid in front of honor (2 motives). After 14 
rows, close all loops.

Sew side and shoulder seams. From the armholes in front and back, dial 50 loops for the sleeve and knit 6 rows of 
purl, then lower the loops to 40 loops and knit 5 cm with an elastic band 1 * 1.

You can take the description of this sleeveless jacket as a basis and link it with any other pattern.

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