Vintage openwork jacket free pattern

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Sizes: 42/44 (48/50) 

You will need: 350 (400) g gray (color 102) Lana Grossa IBIZA UNI yarn (70% cotton, 30% polyamide, 95 m / 50 g); straight needles number 6; circular needles number 6 with a length of 100 cm; hook number 4.5; 1 transparent button with a diameter of 25 mm. 

Knitting technique. 
Nodular edge: remove the 1st n. Of each row as faces., The last loop of each row to knit the faces. All items knit with nodular edges! 

Shawl: persons. and izn. R. - persons. P.

Openwork pattern: knit according to the scheme. Numbers from the right edge indicate persons. R. In izn. R. loops and nakida knit izn. The distribution of loops in width is given in the instructions. Repeat 8 p. Rapport between arrows a and b. The exact distribution in height is also given in the instructions. Run 1 time from the 1st to the 8th p., Then these 8 p. to repeat. For clarity, 1 rapport in width and height is shown on a gray background. 

The density of knitting: openwork pattern, needles number 6: 13 n. And 22 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 


Attention! A jacket fits across from one sleeve to another. Arrow on the pattern = knitting direction. Start with the left sleeve.

On the needles number 6 dial 53 p. And tie for the strap 8 cm = 26 p. garter viscous. Then knit openwork pattern, while starting with chrome. before arrow a, repeat 8 times 8 points of rapport between arrows a and b, finish 12 points after arrow b. Link 5 times from the 1st to the 8th p. = 40 p., Then, starting from the 41st row, knit according to the scheme. For rounding sleeves add on both sides from the 43rd to the 55th p. 5 p., as shown in the diagram = 63 p. After the 56th p. knit from the right edge according to the pattern between the arrows d and e, while repeating the same repeat as many times as before. Then knit back and shelves straight, while repeating from the 57th to the 63rd p. Through 14.5 (18.5) cm = in the 32nd (40th) p. = ex. R. from the beginning of the back and the shelves close from the left edge 67 (75) n. shelves. For the remaining 66 (74) paragraphs, tie 14 cm = 32 r. straight. Then from the left edge again dial 67 (75) p. For the right shelf and continue to knit the item to the end symmetrically, performing instead of adding subtraction. After the last row of the openwork pattern, tie the garter stitch, as at the beginning of work. After the last row of the strap loops close. Run the seams of the sleeves and side seams. Crochet number 4.5 to tie the bottom edge of the jacket 1 p. Comm. Art. For circular needles No. 6, dial on the vertical edges of the shelves 70 (78) section and on the neckline of the backrest 30 p. = 170 (186) p. For a stitch, knit garter stitch and back rows, while in the 2nd p. on the hinges of the neck of the back evenly knit 4 x 1 cross. from broaches. Such additions to perform in every 2nd p. 2 more times = 182 (198) p. Through 8 cm = 26 p. from the beginning of the strap loops free to close.

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