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Knitting Needles 
Description given for S / M - L - XL / XXL - XXXL sizes, this is reflected in the pattern. 
It shows that the main detail is a rectangle connected by a large fantasy pattern, in which there are elements of both openwork and relief. 

Diagram A.1 shows all the rows as they look from the front. 
The authors of the model propose to knit a bolero of two types of yarn, folding the threads together: 

- Drops Baby Alpaca Silk (50 g / 167 m), made of silk (30%) and alpaca (70%), will go for a product 3-4-4 skeins; 

- Drops Kid-Silk (25 g / 200 m), which also has silk (25%), and the main part (75%) is mohair; The consumption of this yarn for all sizes is the same and will amount to 3 skeins. 

As can be seen from the set of yarn, the bolero will turn out to be light, fluffy, with a beautiful silky sheen. In addition, it will be warm, despite the openwork pattern. The presence of mohair guarantees it.

Threads of different types of yarn pooled together will give a total thread of such thickness, which is convenient to knit with 5 mm knitting needles, for denser sections - 4.5 mm. Therefore, we will link the samples for testing knitting density for both types of knitting needles. The goal is a square of a standard size of 10 x 10 cm, we will knit with the front satin stitch. 
- 5 mm - 22 rows of 17 loops (Fri); 
- 4.5 mm - 23 rows of 18 pt. 

Knitting needles for work are circular, but the main square is knitted by rows, and circular knitting is applicable when performing the binding. 

Knit for women knitting bolero "Gray rustle." Free description: 
Having tied the main rectangle, we will tie it in a circle, supplying with this the sleeves, collar and small sections hinting at the front shelves.

We fold the threads of both types of yarn into one thread and type 110-122-136-152 points per 5 mm knitting needles. 

We knit the first row with a fantasy pattern: 
- 4 pt garter sticking ; 
- * 6-8-7-9 l / f (face f); 3 and / Fri (purl) *; repeat * - * another 1-1-2-2 times in a row; 
- 6-8-7-9 l / f; 54 Fri A.1; 6-8-7-9 l / f; 
- * 3 and / Fri; 6-8-7-9 l / Fri *; repeat * - * another 1-1-2-2 times in a row; 
- 4 pt fee. 

For this installation, we knit straight up to 44-49-54-59 cm. Then we perform 4 rows of garter stitch, close all items freely. 

Turning the detail on the face, we take the spokes of 4.5 mm and raise 138-156-174-194 points, walking along the edge formed by the closed points.

Then we type Fri on the typesetting edge, they will be the same, because the edges are the same. As a result, we have on the needles 276-312-348-388 points. We knit on them in circles. 

We perform the first 4 circles on all Fri garter stitch, then we go to a 2x2 elastic band. It is a repetition of the group (2 l / pt; 2 and / pt), with the same name pt knit over each other. 

Rubber knit to a height of 10 cm, then it is necessary to close all the items in the picture. We do this by putting together 2 threads from each type of yarn - in general, this gives 4 additions.

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