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300 g of 
(100% cotton, 
100m / 100g), 
100 g 
MONDIAL SQLARE melange yarn 
(100% cotton, 90m / 50 g) 
needles No. 4,5 and No. 7 
darning needle  
To get the product is 1 size larger / smaller than the indicated one; it is necessary to add / subtract 2 cm (3 p.) in width and 2 cm (4р.) in length.
Double elastic: with a contrast thread, dial half of the required loops; 1st p .: working thread knit * 1 persons., 1 nakid *, repeat from * to *; 2nd reg .: * knit nakid persons., Remove 1 p. As out., Not knitting, thread before work *, repeat from * to *; 3rd and subsequent rows: * 1 persons., Remove 1 item as out, thread before work *, repeat from * to *; in the finished part to dissolve the contrasting thread. 
Gum 6/2 (the number of loops is a multiple of 8 + 2): * 4 faces., 2 out., 2 faces. *, Repeat from * to *, finish 2 faces. 
Facial smoothness: persons. R. - persons. n., izn. R. -diz. P.
The density of knitting, individuals. smooth surface, needles No. 7: 13 p. and 17 p. = 10 x 10 cm. Back / front: on needles No. 7 with pink thread, dial 50 points and tie up b. double rubber band and 26 p. an elastic band 6/2 (only 15 cm). Next, knit the faces. stitch, performing the holes according to the scheme (for each hole, divide the work and knit both parts separately, perform the specified additions and additions, then knit the loops together). After 18 cm from the elastic for bevelings, knit armholes on both sides for 3 extreme loops with a double elastic band (starting on the face from 1 face.) And decrease after 2 first and before 2 last loops in each of the 2nd p. 2 x 2 points and 1 x 1 point (on the right side of the right 3 points together with a double broach; remove 1 point as faces., 2 points together persons. And stretch this loop through the removed one to decrease 2 points , 2 points together with a broach: remove 1 point as persons., 1 person. and stretch it through the removed loop - to reduce 1 p .; left 3 n. together persons. for subtraction 2 p., 2 p. together persons. to subtract 1 p.). After 6 cm from the beginning of the bevels armhole, closing the last holes, tie 4 p. (1.5 cm) double elastic band and close the remaining 40 p. Knit stitch.
Ribbon: on the needles No. 4,5 with a melange thread, dial 12 points and knit with a double elastic band. After 300 cm, close all the loops with a knitted stitch. 
Assembly: perform side seams. Thread the tape into the holes starting from the back: first alternately into the back holes numbered in the diagram from 1 to 4, then forming the strap into the front holes from 5 to 8, then run the tape horizontally from the outside through the back and pass it through the front holes from 1 to 4, to form a second strap, in the holes of the backrest from 5 to 8. Tie the ends of the ribbon at the waist in front.

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