Cap Women

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Description on the head circumference 57 cm 

⠀ Usually knit  
from fluffy yarn, mohair, but you can take any 240m / 100g  
Density: 10 loops = 9 cm, knitting needles 4.5  
knit from the top down We  collect 7 loops, we close in a circle. 6 loops left. We distribute them on 3 needles. We cling to the marker, marking the beginning of the series. We knit while only facial loops. In each second row we will add 6 loops, knitting two out of one face loop: one behind the back wall, the second behind the front one. ⠀  When there are 10 loops on each spoke, we add loops, throwing a loop after each face loop, as if we are recruiting the first row. These will be purl loops of the next row. His knit gum 1 front, 1 purl. ⬇️ 
Next, knit English gum. 
Wrong loops knit necessarily the classic way (no "grandmother's loops"!). So that the cap on the left and the right side looks the same. 
1 row: We make a nakid from ourselves in front of the face loop, we remove the seam loop without tying  
2 row: We put on the front loop and knit the face loop together, we make a nakid from the front loop (same as in the previous row). 
Repeat these 2 rows until desired length. The height of the cap from the top is about 45 cm, or as much as you see fit. 
On the scheme, only 1 of three needles  . That is, in the first row there should be 6 loops, only 2. 2 and 12 rows and 13 rows should be repeated to the required length. 
Close the loop.


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