Knitting Little Booties

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The booties are spokes.

Then the author's text. Knitted in this description, only 3 rows and further extreme loop written 1 persons (2 persons) meant 1 to remove the extreme and further on the text 
Dial 35 loops and knit the sole with a handkerchief viscous. 
1 row- faces.
2 and all even rows are individuals.
3 rows- 1persons, cape,15persons, cape, 3 faces, cape, 15faces, cape, 1persons. 
5 rows - 2faces, cape, 15faces, cape, 5faces, cape, 15faces, cape, 2faces. 
7 rows- 3faces, cape, 15faces, cape, 7faces, cape, 15faces, cape, 3faces. 
9 rows- 4faces, cape, 15faces, cape, 9faces, cape, 15faces, cape, 4faces, 51 loops. 
Then knit 10 rows with a handkerchief viscous. 
Next- Cape (20-11-20).
We'll pat it like a sock heel until there are 12 loops left on the sides.
Side 24 loops remove on a separate spoke (all this heel), and 11 central loops astringent with a rubber band 1.1. Preliminary on the edges dropped on 1 loop. 
I knitting 24 rows and closing. Then I bend in half and sew on the condition. Side. Back. 
To 24 loops I add 16 vps and astringent squish and back. 
The rest of the loops on the deferred spoke unwrap to each other Knitt12 handkerchief rows. In the 7th row I make a button hole.

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