Knitting Baby Booties

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Dial 22 loops on spokes and knitted as follows
9 loops with a handkerchief viscous (face and face and on the part of the face)
8 loops
5 loops with a handkerchief viscous.
The lines are drawn.
The harness twisted through 10 rows.
Tied 7 harnesses.
Dial on the edge of 36 loops to take the center 10 loops and
to tie 14 rows of facial surface (it is a tongue), but it should be on the inside .And on the front side should be a wrong surface.
In the 11th and 13th rows, make a cut of 1 loop from each edge, so that the spoke had 6 loops.
Then we type loops on the edge of the tongue, I got 7 loops. In total, we get 13 loops, 7 loops, 6 loops, 13 loops, and 46 loops.
Knit 46 loops 12 rows of handkerchief viscous.
Then in the center take 6 loops and begin to knit the sole, having added loops to make them 10 loops.
We will shake the sole until there are 6 loops on the spokes on the right and left.
We close 6 loops of the sole, and the remaining loops on the spokes are attached to the sole.
Dial on the edge of the sole loop of pigtail for the rune, I typed on 4 spokes and knitting 6 rows of facial surface.
Close all the loops, but at the beginning of each spoke added 1 loop of stretching so that the wound did not pull.
I didn't sew it, I kind of lay down pretty good.
On the wrong side of the 5 loops scored on the edge of 36 loops and tied 3 rows with the face closed them and came on the edge of the harness. You will have a fold where you stretch the ropes.

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