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The dress is knitted from BABY yarn (100 g / 400 m). - 1 hank. Knitting needles 
No. 3, hook No. 2 We 
collect 172 loops and we knit according to the scheme. 

We knit with one web to armholes. 
Then knitting is divided into 4 parts (according to the number of loops): 
1 part of the loops is the left shelf, two parts of the loops are the back (with one blade), 1 part of the loops is the right shelf. We divide them in such a way as to save the drawing, (see photo) The 

reduction in the shelves will unload itself, since You will not knit extreme nakida. 
For the neck we close 6, then 5 loops (on the back as well, when it remains to knit 6 rows). The last 6 rows of knit facial surface.
Hang the hangers. Knit stitches for buttons - crochet with a crochet stitch, not forgetting to make button loops. Tie sarafchik column without nakida (bottom is not necessary), then tied like this: 
3 air loops in every second column of the lower row. 

We sew buttons and decorate the baby!))) 

Well, that's all.))) 

- from the group "VK We knit, Knit, Knit !!!" 

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