Beautiful Crochet Tunic Dress

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Dimensions in size, 36/38 (40/42) 44/46 
You will need 200 (200) 250 g white and 200 (200) 250 g 
mauve, light green, beige, orange and blue 
(50% cotton, 500/0 merino wool, 115 m/50 g); 
Hook 4.5. 
Circle pattern, number of loops multiples 7. Knit by scheme 
circular rows, according to the figures and arrows. 
Start working from Arrow A, knit 7. p., 8 art. S/n from 
the bottom of the middle erect. n., 1 soed. Art. 1st. p., then 
8 tbsp. s,'n from the top of the middle erect. n., 1 soed. Art. In the last 
It's a long-standing one. n., repeat from q. Each circular series perform 
from right to left, at the end of the circular row, the last rapport 
to sleep with the first rapperport 1 soed. Art. Starting with the 2nd round, 
each rapport to attach to the underlying circle 
the motif of the previous circular series with the help of 1 soed. Art, 
performed in the middle of the group art. S/N. 
The sequence of alternating bands is by the round-the-goal 
god, orange, beige, light green and mauve. 

Knitting density. 
Attention! Knit a tunic with a single cloth. Start at the bottom 
Job performance- tie blue thread 26 (28) 30 rappors- 
pattern of circles and lock in the ring 1st circular p. 
Continue to work in a sequence of alternating bands. 
for sleeves after the last circular row 
sequences split the work and continue to knit white 
straight and back rows. The first 13 (14) 15 
ports to defer for transmission and on the remaining 13 (14) 15 
ports knit the back, with both sides adding 4 
Sleeves 21 (22) 23 rapports. After 18 cm for 
cut-neck neck backs leave unbound medium 7 
(8) 9 rapports and both sides finish separately. 20 
See the shoulder line. To round the neckline 
7 p. from the beginning of knitting with white thread with the inner 
edges are additionally tied with 1 rapport and 29 cm to 8 p. 
knitting with white thread again knit in full width of the front. For 
connect both parts with an additional link between them 
5 (6) 7 rapports. In the 11th river, knitting with white thread on both sides of the 
Ron perform the lower sleeve seams. To do this on both sides 
attach the extreme 4 rapports with the help of soyed. Art. To co- 
responsible rappors of the 1st p., made by white thread. 
The remaining average of 13 (14) 15 rapports to join similar 
with the postponed rapportes of the transmission. White thread 
tie 1 circular r. of the rise. to level the line 
neck, for this in the middle of each circle- 
Tiv knit 1 tbsp. b/n, in between art. 6/n knit 4 
It's a reward. then perform another circular p. 
from left to right). Tie the appropriate colour with yarn 
Bottom edge and sleeves of tunics 1 circular p. b/n, at the same time 
knit at 1 tbsp. 6/n in each art. S/N. 

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