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Size: 38-40 

You need:  

600 g of white color yarn (50% wool, 50% acre, 280 m / 100 g), needles No. 4. 

Face smooth: persons. ranks - individuals. n., inner rows - izn. n. 

Rezinka: knit alternately 2 persons. n., 2 out. n. 

Pattern with kosami:  

knit according to the scheme, on which only the front rows are shown. 

Wrong order knit on the pattern. 

B height to repeat from the 1st to the 34th row. 


Gather 116 stitches and knit 8 cm elastic. 

Then continue with the front satin stitch, with this for reglan in each 6th row to reduce 16 x 2 p.

Reduce the following: in the beginning of the row - 1 chrome. p., 1 person. p., cross the 4 skylights with the slope to the right and knit 2 x 2 pts all over the face, at the end of the row, cross the 4 loops with the yank to the left, 1 ch. Clause 1 n. 

At a height of 42 cm from the bottom edge, close all the loops. 


Dial 116 loops and knit 8 cm elastic. 

Then loop to distribute the next way: 1 chrome. n., 40 n. of the front smooth surface, 34 n. of the main pattern, 40 n. of the lice flat surface, 1 cr. p. 

Simultaneously for the reglan on both sides in each of the 6th row to reduce 16 x in 2 p., as described for the back. 

At a height of 42 cm from the dial edge close all petly. 


Dial 114 points and knit the face smooth.

At the same time for a reglana on both sides in each 6th row, subtract 16 x 2 pp., ĸаĸ is described for the backrest. 

At a height of 50 cm from the edge of the dial close all hinges. 


Along the lines "reglana" sew a hand. 

On the edge of the neck, on the Circular knots, lift the loops and knit 16 cm with rubber, then close the loops in a pattern. 

On the bottom I cut hands to lift the loops (from both sides of the hand, leave out of work by 20 cm, draw on the average 12 cm) and knit the cuff with an elastic band. 

At a height of 16 cm from the edge of the dial close all the loops. Go 

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