Fashionable T-shirt Top For Summer

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Size 42-44 (product width - 43cm length - 54cm)
Gone - 4 hoes of "vita orion" 170m/50g yarn. 
Spokes #3-3.5. The hook #2.5. 

26 pet. 10cm and 37 rows in 10cm (up to WTO) 
28-38 (after the WTO) Crom loops are included in the bill. 

In the hole, neck and straps, cromty are tied in the front rows - facial, in the inside - the inside out. 

Before you!

Dial 120 loops and knit the facial surface. 

In the 136 front row we start the lulls for the laneway with 3 facial loops, 2 together with a slope to the left, 110 faces. loops, 2 together with a tilt to the right, 3 faces. Loops. (We do allowances in each 2nd front row). 
In the 144 front row we start to reduce the neckofaeds 3 persons. loops, 2 along with a tilt to the left, 46 faces. loops, 2 together with a tilt to the right, 3 faces. Loops. 
Thus, tie each strap, making a lull on both sides, to get 20 loops on the spoke. 
Then reduce only from the side of the neck, until you get 11 loops on the spoke. We tie 17 more rows without being dejoined. 
Mirror the second strap. (It's more convenient for me to knit two straps at the same time). 


it's similar to the front. 

The straps are sewn and backed (I usually combine the loop in the loop in a way). Stitch the side seams. 
The pits and neck are tied with a hook, convenient for you in a way. (To ensure that the straps don't twist). I knitted crossed columns without a cape. In the corner of the neck, the drop from 3 semi-pillars together.

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