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A deep neckline on the back of this pullover, knitted from sectional dye yarn, is decorated with a chiffon ribbon.

36 (38/40, 42) 44/46 

Sectional dyeing yarn (100% cotton, 180 m / 50 g) - 250 (300/350) 400 g in beige pink and white colors; spokes number 3 and 3.5; circular knitting needles No. 3; safety pin; a ribbon made of chiffon of suitable color (from a cloth of 140 cm tear off a tape with a width of 5 cm).


Alternately 2 facial, 2 purl. 

Knit by the scheme. The diagram shows the front rows. In the back rows, loops and nakidae are to be sewn with the backs. 

In height, repeat the 1-16th series. 

Right working edge = edge, 1 facial, 1 st point, like facial, 1 facial, then extend it through the removed loop; 
left working edge = 2 n. tie together the front, 1 facial, edge. 

Face series - facial loops, purl rows - purl loops. 

25 p. X 35 r. = 10 x 10 cm, is connected by the basic pattern on the spokes number 3.5.

Ensure that the density of your knitting matches the specified (if necessary, change the number of spokes).

Completed work

On the spokes number 3, dial 106 (116/126) 136 p. And knit with an elastic band. 

After 4 cm from the dialing line, continue working on knitting needles No. 3.5 with the main pattern, while adding 1 (0/0) 2 items in the 1st row and distributing the loops in the following sequence:  

Size 36: Edge, Repeat 11 times , finish with the 5th loop of the next rapport, 1 st of the facial smoothness, edge. 

Size 38/40: Edge, repeat the rapport 12 times, finish with the 5th loop of the next rapport, 1 in. Of the facial smoothness, edge. 

The size 42: edge, 3 p. Persons. smooth, perform rapport 13 times, 4 sts face facial, edge. 

Size 44/46: Edge, perform rapport 15 times, finish with the 1st loop of the next rapport, edge. 

On spokes 107 (116/126) 138 p. 

For knitted sleeves after 26 (27/29) 31 cm from the set, add 1 pt on each side and 13 more times on each side on each side for 1 st = 135 (144/154) 166 p .  

The following 2nd p. additionally dial 16 times on each side 16 times = 167 (176/186) 198 p.  

Simultaneously, after 34 (36/39) 42 cm from the dialing set temporarily put on the safety pin for the V-notch average 1 (2/2 ) 2 items and both sides finish separately = 83 (87/92) 98 p. 

For side bevels in each following 2nd row along the inner edge perform 13 times in 1 decorative trim. 

Then in each 4-th row, perform 16 more times in 1 decorative trim. 

At the same time, after 52 (54/57) 60 cm from the set, close on both sides for the bevels of the upper part of the sleeve and for the shoulder bevels 3 (3/3) 4 p., And in each following 2 nd row, close one more time on both sides on 3 points and 12 times on 4 items (10 times on 4 items and 3 times on 5 items / 5 times on 4 items and 8 times on 5 items) 13 times on 5 items. 
Start knitting like a back, but for a deeper throat, after 50 (52/55) 58 cm from the set, close the middle 39 (40/40) 40 pcs and finish both sides separately. 

To round the neck, close in each 2-nd row along the inner edge of 2 sts and perform 4 times in 1 decorative trim. 

Then in each next 4-th row, perform 4 more times in 1 decorative trim. 

Details to stick on the pattern, moisten and leave to dry. 

Shoulder edges and bevels of the upper part of the sleeve be joined by a mattress seam. 

Run side seams and sleeve seams (mattress seam). 

On circular knitting needles No. 3, evenly set for the beika along the edge of the cutout of the neck of 254 n., And add the backed loops of the back = 255 (256/256) 256 n to them. To  

knead 1 round line face, while for size 36 double the middle loop = 256 p.  

Next, knit with an elastic band, distributing the hinges so that the 2 middle hinges of the backrest are facial. 

At the same time, in each circular row, carry out the adjustments next to these 2 items as follows: loop before the 1st middle loop with the front loop together, loop after the 2nd middle with a slant to the left (= 1 st. facial, 1 facial, then extend it through the removed loop). 

Using a 4 cm elastic band, close the loops according to the drawing. 

Along the edges of each sleeve, dial 90 (95/100) 105 pcs on circular knitting needles No. 3 and knit with 6 purlins of 6 rounds. Then close the loop. 

Ribbon of chiffon is inserted between the loops of the bake, as shown in the photo, and tied on the back. 

Photo: magazine  "Sabrina. Special Issue »№4 / 2018

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