Tricolor narrow dress free pattern

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size Sizes: 36/38 
You will need: yarn (96% cotton, 4% polyester Elite; 160 m / 50 g) - 300 g yellow, 150 g white and 100 g sand; Knitting needles number 3 and 3.5; circular needles number 3. 

Pattern 1: gum (the number of loops is a multiple of 4 + 2 edge). Each row start and finish 1 edge. 

Facial rows: * 1 purl, 2 facial, 1 purl, from * constantly repeat; purl rows: knit loops on the picture. 

Pattern 2: openwork pattern (the number of loops is a multiple of 30 + 7 + 2 edging) = knit acc. scheme. On it are given facial rows. In the purl rows, knit the loops according to the pattern, knit the nakida with the purl.

Start with 1 edge, repeat repeat constantly, finish with loops after repeat and 1 edge. Constantly repeat the 1-28th row. 

Pattern 3: kerchief = rows in the forward and reverse direction: face and back rows - face loops. 

Circular rows: alternately 1 circular row of facial, 1 circular row of purl. 

Underlined increments: right edge = edge, 2 knit together the front loops with an inclination to the left (1 loop to remove, like the front one, 1 front, then stretch it through the removed loop); left edge = acc. Knit the pattern to the last 3 loops, knit 2 loops together with the front edge. 

Knitting density: pattern 2 - 29.5 p. X 36.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm; pattern 1 (needles number 3.5) 26 p. x 32.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm; slat pattern 3 on 3 p. = width 1 cm.

Back: sand thread on the needles No. 3 dial 126 loops and tie 17 cm pattern for the plank 1. 

Then tie 1 cm = 2 rows of facial and 2 rows of purl with yellow thread, in the 1st row, evenly after distributing, add 3 loops = 129 p. Continue working with pattern 2. 

After 53.5 cm = 196 rows from the change of the pattern with a white thread, first tie 1 cm = 2 rows with the front ones and 2 rows with the backs, with 1 loop in the 1st row = 128 sec. And in the last purl row, close for armholes on both sides 1 x 3 sec. = 122 sec. 

Continue work as follows: 3 sec. With pattern 3 (= bar, including edging), 116 p. pattern 1, finish 3 s. pattern 3 (= plank, including edging). 

At the same time add for seamless knitted sleeves on both sides in each 6th row from the change of pattern 9 x 1 n. As follows
way: at the beginning of the row after the strip and at the end of the row before the strip, knit out 1 cross-stitch loop from the cross-thread with 1 pattern acc. pattern = 140 p. 

After 18.5 cm = 60 rows from the change of pattern, close for the shoulder bevel on both sides 1 x 5 p., then in each 2nd row close 6 x 5 p. 

At the same time 21 cm = 68 rows from change the pattern to close the neck 60 pp average and both sides finish separately. After 23 cm = 74 rows from the pattern change, close the remaining 5 p. Shoulders. 

Before: knit like a back, but for a deeper neck, after just 18.5 cm = 60 rows from the plank, close the average 48 points and finish both sides separately. For rounding along the inner edge, it is emphasized to subtract 6 x 1 in each 2nd row

Assembly: perform the shoulder seams. For a white thread, dial 114 loops on the circular needles along the edge of the neckline and tie 4 circular rows with pattern 3. Then close all the loops as facial ones. Run side seams.

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