Knitting Leaf Patterned Tunic

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Knitting Leaf Patterned Tunic :
Double elastic: A contrasting thread on the 
Take half of the required loops: 1st P.: 
Working thread knit • persons. , Scum •. On 
echo from • to •: 2nd R.: • The 
Persons.. Remove 1 L. No stinging, thread 
Before the robot •. Repeat from • to •: 3rd and 
Consequences. R.: • 1 persons.. Remove 1 p... Thread 
Before the robot •. Repeat from • to •: in the 
The high-level contrast thread dissolve. 
Elastic band 1/1: alternately 1 persons.. IPMs 
Facial surface: P.-Persons. N "N. R. 
IPMs. P. 
Jacquard pattern: knit by relevant- 
Scheme; When changing the color of the 
Thread 30 work. Not to be 
Nicolo holes. On request, individual 
Small parts can be embroidered with knitted 
After the end of the robots. 
Density of knitting. Persons. Surface: 17.5 p. and 
23 P. = 10 x cm. 
Back: Green thread to dial 99 p. and 
4 p. Double Rubber Band. Next Knit 
Rubber band 1/1. After 16 cm from the inlaid 
Edge knit faces. Surface. Evenly 
Vibb 1st P. 1 x 1p. Through 18smfrom Noborno- 
The cut-out will be closed with both 
Their sides x W p. And then kill after 
The first two and before the two last p. in Breakfas- 
House 2nd P. 3 x P. 19 cm from the beginning 
The bevel will be postponed from both sides 
to 14 p. For each shoulder and close 
Remaining AZ N, 
Before: Knit as a backrest. But after 16 cm 
From inlaid cutting knit faces, smooth. 
Evenly in the 1st p. 1 x 16 p. 
2 p. Knit jacquard pattern on the 
Iu. After 18 cm from the gum perform 
The Backrest, after 31 cm 

From gum to cut neck close 
Middle 17 p. and finishing both parts 
Separately. Closing on both sides of the 
Centro in each 2nd p. x 5 p... x 4 p.. X 
2 p. and 2 x p. 6 cm from the foot of the throat- 
Guilt to postpone the rest of each 
Shoulder n. 
Sleeve: Green thread dial 65 p. and 
Tie a p. Double elastic Band. Next 
Knitted Rubber Band 1/1. After 14 cm from the 
Boric cutting knit faces. Surface. Exactly 
In 1st P, 1 x 9 p. and further 
To be enlisted on both sides in every 6th p. 
2 x P. 10 cm from the gum for Okato 
To close on both sides 1 x Z p. and 
Then reduce after 2 first and before 
2 last P. In each 2nd R. X 1 L. 
After 10 cm from the beginning of the Okata Rukovo 30- 
To cover the remaining 32 p. 
ASSEMBLY: Checkout before the trail. Way: 
Position in front of the neck and 
Nobroty loops on 1-u r. Gladi. Trail. 
30 Elastic band: Tie a p. Persons. Smooth and 
Close all loops. The current is to tie the bottom 
Backless. Perform one shoulder stitch. 
By connecting the deferred p. Green Thread 
Dial in the neck 117 p. and tie a cm 
Rubber Band 1 1. Then 4 p. Double Elastic Band 
and close all p. Tie the neck so 
Same. As the bottom of the front and backrest. Perform 
The second shoulder seam and the seam of the mountain 
Lovina Separately sew cut just 
Completed strapping. Run side 
Seams and sew the bottom strapping separately. 
Run the seams of the sleeves and sew the sleeves. 
Back/front: Green thread 
Dial 13 ' N, and tie 4 p. Double Re- 
Zinkoy, then knit rubber band 1/1. Through 
5 cm from inlaid cut 2 p. lish 
Surface. Evenly in the 1st p, x 
31 p. Nochinoah with a trace. P. Knit 
The pattern by eliminating both 
Parties after 5 first and before 5 consequences 
them L. In each 10th p. 7 x 1 p. Having finished 
Knit scheme. Knit but all the loops of faces. 
With a smooth green thread. After 34 cm from the 
Zinki Knit Belt Elastic band 1/1. Kill in 
M R. In the center X 1 p. After 5 cm to link 
b p. Double elastic band and close all n. 
Assembly: Perform side seams. The 
into loops of double gum 
Elastic braid Belt. 
Density of knitting, eggs. Surface: 15 p. and 23 p. 
= 10 x cm. 
The description of the work (the 
Cloth): Green thread to type 
57 the P. and knit faces. Surface. After 4 cm but 
Middle loops knit jacquard narrow- 
Circuit. When you finish the knit scheme, 
Tie and see but all the spokes of the faces. Surface 
Green Thread. And then repeat the 
Kordovy pattern. Having finished the second motive, 
Tie 4 cm faces. With a smooth green thread and 
Close all loops. Attach Sidewall, 
Clasp and handle and sew the lining. 

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