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34/36 (42/44) 48/50 

Yarn (100% wool; 104 m / 50 g) - 550 (650) 750 g coral for a cardigan, 150 (200) 250 g coral and 100 g each gray and apricot dress; Knitting needles No. 3, long circular knitting needles No. 3, 5 and hook No. 3 for a cardigan; needles number 3 and 3.5, circular needles number 3 for the dress. 


Knitting in rows in the forward and reverse directions with needles No. 3: chrome., Alternately 2 faces., 2 of shoes, chrome. In the purl rows of the loop knit by drawing. 

Knitting in a circle with knitting needles No. 3: alternately 2 persons, 2 conse. 

The rest of the patterns are done with the needles №3,5. 

The front rows - front loops, purl rows - purl loops. 

number of loops is a multiple of 18 + 11 + 2 chrome. 

Knit according to the above scheme. The diagram shows only the front rows. In purse rows stitches loops and nakida. 

In width start with chrome. and loops before rapport (= loops from arrow A), repeat rapport, finish with loops after rapport (= loops to arrow B) and chrome. 

For the 2nd size: at the beginning and at the end of the 1st and 3rd rows, gray loops should be knitted with facial loops. In height, repeat from the 1st to the 12th row. 

At the beginning, distribute on the sleeves of the loop of the openwork pattern, as described for the 1st size. 

number of loops is a multiple of 13 + 1 + 2 chrome.

1st row: chrome., * 1 persons., 1 nakid, 4 persons., 2 points. Knit together the front one, 2 points. Knit together with a tilt to the left (= 1 point. Remove, as in the case of knitting, knit the next loop pull the front and removed loop through the knitted one), 4 persons., 1 nakid, from * repeat, 1 person., chrome. 

2nd row: knit all loops and nakida with purl. 

In height, repeat the 1st and 2nd rows. 

* 4 p. coral, 2 p. red, coral, gray, coral and apricot, from * repeat. 

On the right side = chrome., 1 person, 2 items, knit together with a tilt to the left. 

From the left edge = 2 n. Knit together the front, 1 person., Chrome. 

21.5 p. X 33 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by an openwork pattern and a front satin stitch;
26.5 p. X 29.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a toothed pattern; 
15 r. = 5 cm, connected by a rubber band. 

Before the armored shelves and back are knitted in a single cloth, then each part is separated, and from the armhole - again as one piece. 

When knitting rows in the forward and reverse directions for this model it is more convenient to use circular knitting needles. 



Dial 1007 (283) 319 p. And 1st p. (= izn. series) knit with purses (this series is not taken into account in subsequent calculations). Work to continue the openwork pattern.

Through 23.5 cm = 78 p. (23.5 cm = 78 p.) 20 cm = 66 p. from the dial-up row for the formation of armholes to divide: after 78 (87) 96 points (= right shelf) and after the next 90 (108) 126 points (= back), last 79 (88) 97 points = loops of the left shelf. 

Then all three parts knit separately. When knitting to ensure that the number of knit and knit stitches together in the same row was the same. 

Through 45.5 cm = 150 p. (49 cm = 162 p.) 49 cm = 162 p. from the dial-up row to continue working on the loops of all the parts, as before the start of separate knitting. 

Through 51 cm = 168 p. (54.5 cm = 180 p.) 54.5 cm = 180 p. from the dial-up number of all loops close. 

Dial 58 points and knit 5 cm = 15 p. gum, starting with izn. row, while in the last row evenly add 9 s. = 67 p.

Continue the work with an openwork pattern. At the same time, for bevels, add on both sides 3 times in each 12th p. and 11 times in every 10th p. (9 times in every 8th p. And 13 times in every 6th p.) 12 times every 6th p. and 17 times in every 4th p. 1 p. = 95 (111) 125 p. On the added loops, knit with the front satin stitch. 

Through 47.5 cm = 156 p. (47.5 cm = 156 p.) 43.5 cm = 144 p. from the gum all the loops close in the same row. 

The side edges and the top edge of the product are crocheted 1 r. (= persons. row) Art. b / n, strongly priosazhivaya back. Then do another 1 p. (= izn. row) com. Art. 

Run the seams of the sleeves. Sew the sleeves. 


Collect 94 (120) 146 p. With coral thread and knit 2 cm for the lower strap with an elastic band, while in the last row evenly add 13 p. = 107 (133) 159 p. 

Continue work with a toothed pattern, making strips in the specified sequence. 

Through 57 cm = 168 p. (54.5 cm = 160 p.) 51 cm = 150 p. from the lower bar close on both sides for the armholes, first 1 time in 4 p., then in each 2nd p. 1 more times for 3 p., 2 times for 2 p. and 1 time for 1 p. = 83 (109) 135 p. 

In 74.5 cm = 220 p. from the lower slat close for the neckline an average of 51 points and finish both sides separately. 

To round the neck close from the inside edge in each 2nd p. 2 times 1 p.

At the same time through 75.5 cm = 222 p. from the lower plank close from the outer edge for the shoulder bevel 1 time 4 (9) 14 p., then in each 2nd p. 2 more times 5 (9) 13 points. 

Through 76.5 cm = 226 p. from the bottom of the strap all the loops will be closed. 

Knitting, like a back, but with a V ‑ neck. To do this, at a height of 51 cm = 150 p. close the middle loop from the bottom bar and finish both sides separately. 

For a slant cut, subtract (see Decorative Decays) from the inside edge 18 times in each 2nd p. and 9 times in every 4th p. on 1 loop. 

Run shoulder seams.

For the bey, dial the circular needles with coral thread along the left bevel of the notch 47 p., From the corner of the notch 2 p., Along the right bevel of the notch 47 p. And along the edge of the neck of the back another 40 p. = 136 p. Knit in a circle with an elastic, while at the corner of the cutout should be 2 persons. loops = middle loops. In every 2nd p. To knit the 1st middle loop and the previous loop together with the front one, and to knit the 2nd middle loop and the next loop together with the inclination to the left. After 8 p. all loops close on the picture. 

Run side seams. At the edges of the armhole, dial on the circular knitting needles with a coral thread for slats of 80 (92) 104 p. And knit in a circle 3 p. rubber band, then close the loop on the figure.

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