Braid Knitting Pullover Free Pattern

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Pullover pattern from the braid 
Rgovro: 34/36 (40/42) 46/48 you will be required. 550 (600) 650 g be/tlob-GBGUBBJ zobboboy gra/bo zo/AB/ha (60% Bigoba, 40/Goabra GA, 87.5 A/50 g); Straight spokes M 1195; d) 19 4. Following a visit to Ayicao Na 5. Elastic band: Number of Loops multiple 16 + G4b2broga. Loz R.: Krom., 5 persons, 4 persons., 5 faces, 2... Repeating from '. Finish 5 persons., 4... 5 Nose of the crown. Out. P.: PETPI knit on the drawing. The number of loops multiple 16. Vesatotoosese, on Koto-Roy, Topikonstts R, E. P. All the PvP knit lo figure. Repeat rapport, with Brno. Not to be twisted. Take the 1 dbo sheer-stiy of each raport separate working thread and after 12r All Petlyas. Link 1 time from 1st to 24th p., 4 wound about 7 something the 24th R. O then 1 time from the 25th to the 2nd R. = 1о4 R., then obatoretoasaauopitomazecertificate 31-th pattern two sleeves: Dough loops Krat op 4 about 2 + 2 Brno. Lad. R.: Kroz., PISG... Chrome. IPMs. P.: Loops knit according to the figure. Out. Eajab, Kruezatoe p, Keitsy of 4: Knit izn. Density of knitting. Elastic Band (Measure-Rasneeppasptozee): 2z P. and 26 R. = 10 x 10 cm: Detached pattern from the braid: 2z p and 26 p = 10 x 10 cm; Pattern for sleeve (measured in slightly rassteeutsta condition): 23 E. A 26 p. 10110 cm. 
Seoezka: Cross-shaped set (see page 28) dial 96 (112) 128 E. E to tie the 4th = zbr. Rubber band. The idea of knitting with an open pattern of braid = 6 (7) to the Raetorz through 41.5 cm from the gum close for the bevel of the shoulder with both the old one 7 (9) 11 P Ezežaba 2-a R. 2 e 7 (9) 11 E. At the same time with the 1st decrease of the shoulder dogs for the trimming of the Torlovina average of 30 (32) 34 E. And the third side to finish Times-Depino de aorutlevaerdtop of the inner edge in each 2nd R. 1 x zoto2e. Cheroau4oa = 114r (4boa = 120 R (46.5 cm = 126 R. From the gum Oarıtooopnosnootavshoe-before: Knit the same way, it for more tlubosocotokorotzatoryto through 37.5 ce = 98 R. (40 cm = 104 R.) 42.5 with = 110 R. From Reeekke average 22 (24) 26 E. E. Ejaaoa 2-A R. 2o Z. 1х2i1х1p. Sleeves: crosswise) 68) 76 T. and knit the Unoron for Ruekoe. Dle Skosov sleeves Tre bakato from the 6th edge of the two hundred-Ron in each 4 p. 6 (7) 8 x 1 P. = 72 (82) 92 E., including Yerbakekkaseesh. In the pattern after 10 cm = 26 R. (11.5 cm. R.) 13 cm = 34 R. From the nabornoez edge all Beodo oeobadno Akakygga ao figure. Assembly: Oaaeeode ext. By grandfather Gortiņi Obrobdakbroo Obosoksyb2 (90) 98a., tie for stretching, to lie sleeves to the Erhnim 18 (20) 22 about Bokoio Braek Spinki and Perela, ori this soemestit seredooho Rukoolechebo Bookoye seams and grandfather Rukukab, Ori this about Bobobos Shwah

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