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Sweater Size: 42/44 (46/48 - 50/52)

You will need: 400 (450 - 500) grams of blue-turquoise (color 47) yarn Organico from Lana Grossa (100% organic cotton, 90 m / 50 g), needles number 4.5 and 5.

The distinguishing data for size 46/48 and 50/52 is shown in brackets. If only one value is specified, then it applies to all sizes.

Patterns for knitting summer sweater knitting needles

Edge loop: In faces. and izn. R. knit faces.

Gum: Alternately 2 persons., 2 out.

Openwork pattern: Knit according to the scheme. Numbers on the right side are marked persons. r., in numbers with a lion. the parties are marked R. In width start p. with 7 points in front of 1 arrow, rapp. = 12 p. Between the arrows, finish 7 p. After 2 arrows. In height knit with 1 - 9 p. 1 time, with 2 - 9 p. to repeat.

Addition: From the right edge: chrome., 1 person., 1 crossed p., Knitted from the broach between the previous p., From the left edge: 1 crossed p., Untied from the broach between the previous p., 1 persons. chrome

Knitting density:

Openwork drawing on the needles number 5: 17 p. And 20.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm

Gum on the needles number 4.5 in a slightly stretched form: 20 p. And 25 p. = 10 x 10 cm

Knitting an openwork sweater with knitting needles - doing work 

Back: On the spokes number 4.5, dial 74 (86 - 98) n., Knit with an elastic band of 3 cm = 7 p., At the same time in the 1st d. start after chrome. with 1 under., at the end of p. finish before chrome 1 out. Next knit number 5 openwork pattern. At a height of 29 (32 - 35) cm = 60 (66 - 72) p. from the gum on both sides mark the beginning of the armhole sleeves. At a height of 14 (15–16) cm = 28 (30–32) cm from the beginning of the armhole for the shoulder strap, all the loops can be knitted with the needles No. 4.5, as in the beginning, with an elastic band of 3 cm = 7 p. Hinges close.

Before: Knit as well as back.

Sleeves: On needles No. 4.5, dial 42 (46 - 50) n., Knit with an elastic band, while in the 1st p. - ex. start after chrome. with 1 under., at the end of p. finish before chrome. 1 out. For bevel sleeves on both sides * in the 8th and next. 10th p. add 1 p. * repeat 6 times. The added p. Vyvyazyvat from broaches between the p. Previous crossed and inserted into the gum pattern. After the last addition on the spoke 70 (74 - 78) p. At a height of 52 cm = 131 p. from the dial edge of the loop close without tightening.

Assembly: Spread, moisten, leave to dry. Run the seams, with the side seams up to the marks, shoulder seams from the outer edge at a distance of 8 (11.5 - 15) cm. Stitch in the sleeves.

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