Yellow openwork dress knitting

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Sizes: 38/40 
You will need: yarn (100% cotton; 90 m / 50 g) - 550 g lemon yellow; Knitting needles № 4,5; circular needles number 4. 

Patterns for knitting dresses with openwork patterns 

Openwork pattern. The number of loops is a multiple of 26 + 3 + 2 edging = knit acc. scheme. On it are given facial rows. To knit the loops in the purl rows according to the pattern, to knit the facial crossed with the purse crossed, to knit the nakida with the purl. Start with 1 edge, repeat repeat constantly, finish with loops after repeat and 1 edge. Constantly repeat 1st to 20th rows. 

Relief pattern. Knit like an openwork pattern, but constantly repeat the 21st and 22nd rows.

The sequence of patterns. 24 cm = 60 rows with an openwork pattern, 37.5 cm = 94 rows with a relief pattern, 28 cm = 70 rows with an openwork pattern = only 89.5 cm and 224 rows. 

Underlined decrease. Right edge = edge, 2 knit stitches together with the front with a tilt to the left (1 loop to remove, as the front, 1 face, then stretch it through the removed loop); left edge = knit acc. Pattern up to the last 3 loops, then knit 2 loops together with the front edge. 

Purl stitch. Circular rows: alternately 1 circular row of purl, 1 circular row of faces. 

Knitting density: 22 p. X 25 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 

Description of knitting dress with openwork pattern

Back. Dial 109 loops on the spokes and tie 1 purl row with facial ones. This series is not taken into account in subsequent calculations. Continue to work according to pattern sequences. After 28 cm = 70 rows from the initial row, underscore 1 x 1 pitch for fitting on both sides, then 2 x 1 p. In each 6th row and 11 x 1 p. In each 4th row = 81 p. After 52 cm = 130 rows from the initial row, again add 1 x 1 s on both sides as follows: after or before the hem, knit 1 crossed loops from the transverse thread according to. patterned. These additions should be performed 8 more times in every 4th row and 5 times in every 2nd row. After 69.5 cm = 174 rows from the initial row there is 109 p. Again on the spokes. After 85.5 cm = 214 rows from the initial row, close the shoulder bevel on both sides for 1 x 5 p., Then close each 2nd row 3 x 5 p. And 1 x 6 p. Simultaneously through 87 cm = 218 rows from the initial row close the average 35 p. For the neck and finish both sides separately. For rounding along the inner edge, close in each 2nd row 1 x 3 n. And 1 x 2 n. Through 89.5 cm = 224 rows from the initial row, close the remaining 6 n. Shoulders.

Before. Knit like a back, but for a deeper neck, after 71 cm = 178 rows from the initial row close the middle 11 points, then in each 2nd row close 1 x 3 paragraph, 1 x 2 paragraph and 4 x 1 paragraph and in every 4th row 8 x 1 p. 

Assembly. Run shoulder seams. For a strap, type 122 loop on the edge of the neckline on the circular needles and tie 3 circular rows of a cloth garter stitch. Then close all the loops as facial. Run side seams.

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