Warm Cardigan Free Pattern

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Lana Grossa-quality "cloud" (80% Alpaca, 14% wool (merino), 6% polyamide, LL = approx. 80 m/50 g): approx. 600 (650) G Pink (Fb. 8 Spokes № 8
1 Circular Spokes № 8, 60 cm long
1 Woolen Nobility Crochet № 7
1 buttons from Union Knopf, art. 452554, Ø 44 mm, Fb. 20 Dark brown

Stop the Darkness! In the cold season too many gray days, because we do not have to wear dark clothes. Knitted Cardigan Oversize is made in soft pink color, which allows you to see the light every day. Lana Grossa shows you how you can knit a cardigan with big pockets.
DIY Guide: Wide sweater in gentle pink knitting via
Size: 36-40 (42-46 in). Sizes from 42 to 46 are shown in parentheses. If only one value is specified, it is applied to all specified dimensions.

Knots of the Edge: 1. M each R as RECHTSSTR. The EBBH. The last M of each R Re str. Note: All edges work with edge Uzelka!
Kraus re: Back and forth-R re str.
Smooth re: Back-R Re, rear-R Li Str.
Sample loops: 11 m and 15.5 R smooth re with Nd. № 8 = 10 x 10 cm.
Note: The arrows in the section diagram accordingly give the direction of knitting.

Knitting Guide
Spinal part
88 (92) M with Nd. № 8 Stropovki. for aperture 2 cm = 3 R Kraus Re Str., thus starting with 1 reverse-R. Then again smoothly. After 55 cm = 86 R from the end of aperture. Mark the beginning of cuts and continue straight line. In 19 (20) cm = 30 (32 in) R The cutoff height is all M abk. The average. 24 m elevation for the straight edge of the neck. For shoulders on 32 (34) m.

Left front panel
First for bag 16 m with Nd. № 8 Stropovki. Smooth Re str. After 11 cm = 18 R from the stop, lower m until it stops. Now for the front part 48 (50) m with Nd. № 8 Stropovki. for aperture 2 cm = 3 R Kraus Re Str., thus starting with 1 reverse-R. Then again smoothly. After 29 cm = 46 R from the diaphragm end of the bag for procedure 20. 35. M AB Li edge of ABC. And to do this, insert 16 abandoned m pocket bags. Then again about all m in addition.-Continue scan. Mark the opening on the arm edge at the same height as the back panel and continue straight line. At 11 (12) cm = 18 (20) R cut height the hands on whether the edge for the neck is 6 m abk. Then in each 2. R still 1x4 m, 2x 2 2x m and 1 m ABC. The rest of it. 32 (34 in) M for shoulder on the edge at the same height as on the back of the ABK.

Right front panel
To the front panel Li and with 1 Loop str. But in 8.5 (9.5) SM = 14 (16) R height of armholes 7. and 8. M AB re edge of ABC. Next. R again press 2 m for this. Now we'll close the school stitches first.

Top to bottom in the direction of the arrow. But 44 (46) m with round. № 8 to perceive the armholes between the front and back markers. Smooth Re str., thus starting with 1 reverse-R li. Both. For oblique intersections in 6. R from the beginning of sleeves 1 m abk., then in each 10. R another 4 x 1 m ABK. = 34 (36) 34 cm = 53 R from the beginning of sleeves for diaphragm Kraus re weiterstr. in 3 cm = 5 R aperture height M locker abk.

Part to lay evenly in half, tighten, moisten and allow to dry. Pocket pack inside the stitch. Side sleeves close the seams. The vertical edges of the front of each of them are 2. M folded inside. Then with a hook. № 7 with 1 R fe M Überhäkeln. Well, round. № 8 perceive from the neckline the edge of 54 meters. For double diaphragm Kraus Re str. in 10 cm = 21 R aperture height M locker abk. The overlay overlay is superimposed in half inside, and is superimposed around the opposite seams, including the side linings.-Sew. Sew a button.

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