Crochet Top Pattern

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As a rule, we will not be able to do anything about it,
2. st. No per week in the sleek 1_11,11e 4 neтmr, зт.без накв слеп. Eupuo,
ryutom again 4 s,:. without nuyush ~, in the shuffle 4 11emin.
So we knit 110 • nm. 1 Execution, elm is more than the same.
3. We skip the 1-li st.b.n. the previous row, stand 1 without
6 c. ,, en. 4 neтmr) 3 ст.6.1J. n next. petomo n on again no i st.b.11. about
in the hay. 4 petm ,. Continuing ~, until the end of the series, 1 episod., Knitting, e
vovora' ~: t.
4. We knit as 3-ii p.s. I r.d. ~ knit with r ~ ~ 1.
5. Coinning ~ te. ~, Üüü11 is a tetan-1-; n In the middle of the loop, we
the back half-breath. 6 air. loops of ascent, (etn 6 petel;
with 4 nyashamn), art. from the 4th nayushr-sh to each footprint. 2-х
loops ~ 3 tbsp. with a 11 in the next. ps, • lu, 11 no I st. with 4
paiyulmn about every-10 ns trace), and three loops.
Slack 2 loop is missing. Now, (2 pp. Propuskae'1,
Art. with 4 • me per day. 3 loops ~ 3 columns with
4-th of the 11th of July. peto 11, one art. with 4 nyascheVJ1111 n
each 113 with-ice, 0W11x 3 octets. 2 shed. oe1 · 1U1 skip, ~ t.)
The sequence of the result, enclosed in parentheses, is repeated
Lokomot series, 1 093.d. loop, turn knit.
Repeat the 2-li, 3-li, 4-r, and 5-li rows to the height.
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