Puncture Vest Free Pattern

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Vest from loops in a puncture Sizes:
36/38 (40/42) 44/46 

You will need: 500 (550) 600 
D Color Flax, 150 (200) 200 g 
Brown, beige and gray yarn 
Watoo (100% viscose of bamboo, 
100 cl/50 g); Straight Spokes 6; Crewe 
Knitting needles and Hook M. 5. 
Pattern of the removed loops, spokes nd B: 
Number of loops multiple 6 + 1 + 2 chrome. 
Knit according to the scheme on which the 
Only persons. R., in Lzn. P. All 
Loop knit Start with 1 chrome. 
and loops before raport, repeating 
Raport, finishing loops after 
Rapport and 1 chrome. Link 1 time with 
1st to 24th P., then repeat from the 9th 
On the 24th p., observing the colors next to the 
indicating the series. 
Elastic band, Spokes N2 5: Number of loops 
Multiple 4 + 2 crowns. Persons, p.: Krom " 
• 1 persons., 2 persons, 1 person., repeat 
From •, Chrome. IPMs. P.: Loops Knit by Drawing. 

Pattern for collar Spokes 5: number 
Loops multiple 4 + 2 + 2 chrome. Persons. R.: 
Chrome, 2 persons., 2., repeat from 
, finishing 2 LCH, Chrome. IPMs. R.: 
Loops knit on the figure. 
The density of knitting, the pattern of 
Loops: P. and 28 P. = 10 x 10 cm. 
Attention! Sleeves and Shoulder yoke 
Knit of 2 pieces across. Start 
With sleeves. Arrows on the pattern = 
Direction knitting, all straps 
Tie across and sew. 
Lower part of the backrest: a thread of color 
Flax Dial 69 (75) 81 p. and knit 
Pattern from the shot p. 26.5 cm = 
74 R. From inlaid edge Close for 
Shaping on both sides 5 (6) 
7 p, and in each 2nd R. 2x5 (b) 7 and 3х 
5 p. Through 30.5 cm = 86 p. From Suitebut- 
Close the faces. Remaining 9 p. 
Bottom of left shelf: thread 
Color Flax Dial 33 (36) 39 p. and 
Knit pattern of the removed p., while 
For size 40/42 start with chrome. 
And Raport, the initial p. Fall off. 
After 23 cm = 64 R. From inlaid 
Edge Close for neck cut 
On the left side 1 p., in each 4th 
P. 3 x and 3 each 2nd p. 3 x 1 P. 
At the same time through 26.5 cm = 74 p. 
From the inlaid edge close with the right 
Side 5 (6) 7 p. and c each 2nd p. 
2x5 (b) 7 and 1 x 5 p. through 29.5 cm = 
82 from the inlaid edge close the faces. 
Remaining 6 p. 
Bottom of the right shelf: knit 
Symmetrical, distributing the pattern 
also symmetrical. 
Left sleeve and Shoulder yoke: 
Thread Color Flax Dial 39 (45) 51 
P. and knit pattern of the shot p. 
The sleeves to add to the set- 
Edge of the corresponding color with the 
Both sides in each 10th p. 5 x and 
In each 12th p. 4х 1 P. = 57 (63) 69 
P., including the added P. In the pattern. 

Through 38.5 cm = 108 R. From inlaid 
Edges to make on both sides of the 
End of the sleeves. After 54.5 cm 
= 152 R. (56.5 cm = 158 R.) 58.5 cm = 
164 R. From inlaid edge Close for 
Neck cut average 7 p. and Sleep- 
Knitting on the last 25 (28) 31 p. 
On a narrow shelf. To close the bevel 
From the inner edge of every 2nd R. Z 
(7) 8 p, 57 cm 160 (59 cm) 
= 166 R.) 61 cm = 172 R. From inlaid 
Edges close the remaining 7 p. 
Continue knitting at the first 25 (28) 
31 p. By a pattern of a backrest, having begun with 1 Izn "p. 
Through 63 cm = 176 R. (65 cm = 182 R.) 
67 cm = 188 R. From Inlaid edge all 
Loops close. 
Right sleeve and shoulder yoke: 
Knit symmetrically. 
Bottom Strap: Flax Color Thread 
Dial 30 p., tie 84 (92) 100 cm 
Rubber band and loops close by drawing 
Sleeves (2 pieces): Thread of color 
Flax Dial 30 L., tie 22 (27) 
31 cm Elastic Band and loops close by 
Collar: A thread of flax color to dial 
40 p., link 130 (134) 138 cm 
Rum for collar and loop close 
According to the figure. 
Assembly: Perform Side seams 
On the lower parts. Sew the 
The bar with the left long edge 
To the bottom edge of the jacket. Sew 
Strips of sleeves with long edge to 
The bottom edges of the sleeves, 
The edges accordingly. 
Run up to mark seams of laths 
and seams of sleeves. Run between 
Left and right shoulder yoke 
Rear Central seam. Poisew 

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