Knitting Tunic Free Pattern

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Dress on the Spokes

The main patterns: "Pearl pattern": knit alternately Two faces. P. and 2 P., shifting a pattern on 2 p. in each 3rd row; Purl Surface: persons. Series Hinges, Ranks of persons. Loop Embossed pattern-knit on the scheme 1; Gum 1 × 1: Knit alternately 1 persons. N. and 1 N. N. Rows of all loops knit on the figure.

Before: Dial 140 p., knit 2 rows of. Surface. Further knit as follows: In the beginning and at the end of a row knit 27 p. "Pearl" pattern, in the center knit Relief pattern on the scheme 1, Projazvat 4 p. izn. On both sides. At the height of 10cm start to make a decrease in the "pearl pattern" in each 6th row of 1 p. on each side. At an altitude of 53 cm for armholes on both sides, close by 3 p., then 6 times x 1 p. In each 4th row. At a height of 7 cm from the beginning of knitting all loops close.

Backrest: Knit similarly.
Sleeves: Dial 70 p., knit relief pattern, diminishing from both sides in each 4-th row 6 times x 1 p. At a height of 13 cm close the hinges.
Assembly: Sew in front and back, sew sleeves. On the edge of the neck cut dial 90 A, prozhyite 4 cm elastic Band 1 × 1. Close the loops.

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