Women Cardigan Style

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Light, summer cardigan facial smooth with an openwork motif and fringe, knitted with knitting needles one detail for the kimono pattern.

Designer Irene Lin.

Dimensions: S (M, L, 2L).

Measurements of the finished cardigan (after blocking): 
Bust: 104 (122, 126.5, 144.5) cm / 40.9 (48, 49.8, 56.8) inches 
Length: 54 (59, 63, 68) cm / 21.2 (23.2, 24.8, 26.7) inches 
The recommended positive fitting allowance is 30-38 cm / 11.8-14.9 inches. The short cardigan on the photo is connected in size M with a positive allowance for freedom of fit over the bust of 34 cm / 13.3 inches. The long cardigan is bound in the size of L.

Cardigan Kimono knits straight and reverse rows from the bottom edge of the shoulder to the shoulders, then the back is knit. At the end of the work, shoulder and side seams are performed.

The Cardigan has an overweight landing. The difference in length between a short and elongated cardigan is 40 rows of facial smoothness.

The designer provides for a cute and sketchy description of knitting. Variants of execution of fringe with one and a triple knot are given.

To knit a summer cardigan with a delicate edging we prepare yarn and knitting needles:
For knitting a short and long version of a cardigan, different yarns are used. The short version is tied with Arabis yarn (100% cotton, thread thickness 165 meters in 40 gram skein, color .1815).

For the long version, a very beautiful yarn Mercerie.F Shiny with a melange effect (100% linen, a thread thickness of 450 meters in a 50 gram skein), color Grape (Grape) is used. The long cardigan is tied in two strands, so the actual yarn thickness for the long version is 225 meters in a 50 gram skein.

You can also use another yarn thickness fingering, the amount of yarn (including fringe): 1400 (1509, 1750, 1968) yards / 1280 (1380, 1600, 1800) meters.

Knitting needles number 3,5.

Other tools: loop markers, locks for locking.

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