Knitting Pullover Pattern

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Size: 38 (40/42 in) 44 
You will need: 450 (500) 550 g Khaki Divino yarn Color (75% cotton, 25% Viscose, 110 m/50 g); Spokes and A set of stockings IU 3.5; Hook 
Elastic band: Number of loops multiple 4. • 1 "2 persons... 1 H... 
Persons. R.: 
Repeating from the IZN. P.: Loops Knit 
According to the figure, 
Openwork pattern: First the number of loops 
Multiple 28 + 16. Knit by scheme, on 
Which only persons are listed. R., E 
IPMs. P. Loops knit on the picture, Naki- 
Knit, with 2 straight 
Knit the "2nd scale of persons, 
Start with loops before Raport. 
Repeat the Raport, finish the pet 
The port of Rapport, Link 1 time with 
1st to 50th, 1 time from 3rd to 50th P., 
End of the 3rd-46-M R., near 
With the decrease and 1 N. P. 
. 144 p, 
After the 1st P, the number of loops multiple 
30 + 16. 
Density of knitting. Openwork Pattern: 
25 p. izzr 
. = 10 x 10 cm: Elastic Band 
(measured in a slightly stretched 
26 p. and 33 R. 10 x 10 cm, 
Attention! Due to different density 
Knitting pullover lightly pulled together 
In the upper part. On the pattern is 
Taken into account in the measuring of the armholes. 
Backrest: Dial 110 (118) 126 p. and 
Tie 2 cm elastic band. Then knit 
Following images: Chrome, 4 (8) 
12 p, Elastic, p. openwork pattern, 
4 (8) 12 p. Gum, Crom, after 
1st P. In work are 516 (124) 
132 p, Nerez 43.5 cm: 144 p. from Rubber- 
Ki in Work are 108 (116) 
124 p.) Start knitting between Crom. 
Rubber band, starting and ending 2 
IPMs. Simultaneously in the 1st P. from the shift 
Patterns close to the armholes on both 
Parties 4 p. II each 2nd p. x 3 and 
1 x 2 L. (98 in) 106 p. through 15 cm 
50 p. (17 cm = 56 R.) 18 cm p. 
From changing patterns close to cut 
Average 68 of the p. and both 
To finish separately. After 17 cm 
; 56 R. (19 cm; 62 p.) 20 
The change of patterns to close with each 
The Rhone remained 1 ' (15) 19 L. Shoulder. 
Before: Knit the same way. But for more 
Deep Neck cut Close 
13 cm; 44 R. (15 cm = 50 p.) 
16 cm 54 p, from changing the patterns of 
58 and both sides finish the 
Separately. For rounding Close 
From the inner edge in each 2nd P. 2 
x 2 and 1x1 p, 
Sleeves: Dial 82 (90) 98 p. and knit 
Between Chrome. Rubber band. After 1 cm: 4 p, from inlaid edge close for 
The sleeve of the sleeves on both sides 3 p. and a 
Each 2nd p, 1x2, х 1 and 3x2 
(2 x 2, 15х1 and 4x2p.) 3x2 
and 5 * 2 p. Through 14.5 su 48 p, from 
Inlaid edges close remaining 
26 (30) 34 p. 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams. 
Tie the neck neckline 1 to the 
Co-ed. Art, sleeves. 
Side seams and seams of the hand- 

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