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Direct rigorous cover of the jacket without a hack with a captured pattern visually pulls the figure and perfectly conceals the shortcomings. 

Yarn (68% alpaca, 22% nylon, 10% natural wool; 110 m / 50 g) - 650 g beige; Round knitting needles №5. 

number of loops is short 16 + 7 + 2 edging = knit according to. scheme. On it are the face and inside rows. Start with 1 edge and hinges before rapport, rapport to constantly rewind, finish loops after papport and 1 edge. Start from the 1 side of the row (= range of 0 diagrams), then repeat the 1st to 4th rows. 
19.5 p. X 20.5 r. = 10 x 10 cm 
Shelves and back jackets to knit in a single cloth. 

In connection with a large number of loops, the recommendation is to knit on circular needles in rows in the forward and reverse direction. 
Type in the needles on the knitting needles 265 and, starting from the first inside of the row, knit with a toothy pattern. The 1st seamy row is not taken into account in the following calculations. 

After 50.5 cm = 104 rows from the initial row close for the armholes of the 3–15th of the loop (see diagram) of the 5th and 12th rapport from the beginning of the row and first leave the outer 70 pts for the shelves, on average 99 p. continue work for backrest cons. look. 

At 70 cm = 144 rows from the initial row, close the middle 33 points for the mouth and both sides end up separately. 

After 72 cm = 148 rows from the starting row, cover the remaining 33 p. Shoulders. 

Then dial on the spokes of the last 70 left loops and continue to work for the left shelf acc. take it out 

On the high back, close the inner 33 p. Of the shoulder and leave the remaining 37 p. Of the rotate. 

Then finish the right shelf in the mirror image. 
83 petals for each sleeve and, starting with 1 purl, knit a jagged pattern, while starting with 1 crochet and sweater from arrow B to the end of the rapport, perform rapport 4 zip-stitching; and 1 limiting. 
At the beginning and at the end of the row in the 1st and 3rd rows instead of tying 3 loops, at the same time, tie 2 loops together with the inside and 2 loops with a double slope and tie 2 loops together with the slope to the left (left 1-side, pull out the loop, and remove the 2 loops together with the slope to the left, remove the 4-loop, and remove the 2 loops with the inclination to the left, leave the lid, to move the lid, to turn the lid, to turn the lid, to turn the lid, to move the loop, to move the 2 loops, with the inclination to the left (1, to remove the lug, to move the lug, to move the unlocked, to move the unlocked, to move the looping, to remove the 2 loops together with the inclination to the left (with the same loop, to remove the stitches to the loop, pull the 2 stitches to the loop, tilt to the left; , then tighten it through the removed button). 

48 cm = 98 rows from the initial row close all pet. 
Run shoulder seams. 

Leave the hinges of the collar of the shelves into the work and tie another 8 cm of the curtain. take it out Then leave the loop. Put away the hinges of both halves of the collar with a knitting stitch and sew the collar in the neck of the back. 

Sew the seams of the hands and sew the sleeves. The visitor on the back part of the field is half hemmed and hemmed inside. ‍ ‍

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