Wedding Dress Pattern

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Size: 44/46 

You will need: 1000g of white yarn (100% mercerized cotton, 289 m / 50 g), for the lower skirt you will need: 450g of yarn; hooks No. 0.9 for Bryug motifs and nets, No. 1 for guipure elements; needle; tailor pins; viscose lining fabric 65 cm long and 150 cm wide for the lower skirt; 15 small buttons. 

Technique: The model is made in a combined technique, combining such traditional types of handicraft as a coupling guipure and bryug lace (coquette, individual motifs and frills). To start, make a pattern of details from a dense fabric, sweep, adjust the figure (see Figure 6). Mark the lines of the neckline on the back (in the form of a heart), adjust the pattern, making the necessary changes.

Guided by the basic schemes 6 - 6 o, connect one "heart motif", which will be a compositional center, then perform a variety of motifs of flowers, leaves, trefoils, twigs, etc. Attention! Schemes are not an exact copy, but only show the principle of knitting. When performing work, we recommend improvising, varying the number, size and method of knitting lace petals, the length and shape of the antennae of the petals. Separate elements should be performed using a bourdon, which will create the effect of reliefs. Enrich the texture of the motif and achieve volumetricity can be, tying the bars reception for the "long" half loop.

After completing the required number of elements, moisten, strip them and allow to dry. Now you can start assembling the top of the dress. To do this, arrange the motifs on the pattern with the face down, composing the desired composition. Fix the most acceptable position with pins. On the contour of the backrest cut out, place the caterpillar cord "caterpillar". Locations of motifs sew together the main thread. Fill the space with a crochet of various grids with volume inclusions and without, fastening individual elements of the pattern.

Disconnect the finished part from the pattern. Tie the contours of the neckline cutout of the bottom of the sleeves and the bottom of the blouse with a bryubsky braid. Top "ears" neckline tie st. б / н., on 5 in each "ear". Along the cut-out of the neck and along the contour of the "heart" motive, decorate the scryer with two yarn yarns. For fastening on one side make hinges loops (3 on top to the neckline, 12 from the bottom), on the other hand sew buttons. The next stage, decorate the sleeves with ruffles according to the scheme of 6 p, consisting of six festons. Connect the finished frills with a straight braid and fasten them to the sleeves with a mesh. On the waist line (above the upper tier) a small frill-ruff is made as follows: knit a straight belly braid and fasten it every three "ears" to one "eyelet" of a straight braid located on the bottom of the blouse.

The skirt is made of openwork ribbons according to the scheme of 6 p, imitating the shape of the "heart". The first (top) frill consists of 13 rapports, the second - from 14 rapports, the third - from 15. Connect each tape in the ring, stitching the first and last rapports with a needle. All the frills decorate the scandium, yarn in two additions. Each ribbon is attached to a straight belly braid. Between the tiers of scarfs, knit a "slanting net", which is fastened to arcs of straight braid (arches on the 5th air). In the process of tying and assembling lines, check the product with a pattern. 

Tip: Adjust the dimensions of the product + by fastening each row of festons to a straight belly braid by reducing the number of arcs (tying two together) or increasing the arcs: braid (from one by tying two).

The tiered connection between the frills with each other (the inner part between the frills) is performed by an "oblique" grid that allows to ensure a good fit in the figure, adjusting the size of the product for the hip volume from 90 to 100 cm. In this model, three frills, this option with an increase of 160-165 cm will be just below the knee. If your height is more than 165 cm we offer the second option, the lower part consists of 3 ribbons, staggered according to the scheme of 6 p. The lace cloth is fastened to the lower skirt, which is sewn from viscose and dresses under the dress. Step-by-step execution of the guipure motif "Heart":

Type a chain of 16 air. etc., connect the connecting loop into the ring (1). Tie in the ring 22 st. b / n. (2). Turn the knitting, dial 4 air. Next, untie the "kulechki", skipping 2 p. of the previous series. Complete the series 1 air. etc. and 1 tbsp. with / n. (3). Turn the work and tie under each arch of 4 air. Item 4-5 of Art. b / n. (4). Turn knitting and execute one row of art. b / n. (5). Next, link a number of art. b / n., but enter the hook in the far half loop of the previous row (6-7). The next row of Art. b / n.vyvyazyvayte, inserting a hook into the remaining free half-loops of the row, on which the previous row of Art. b / n. (8-9). The last row is tied with a "step by step" (10). Turn the knitting and on the top of the resulting motive make arches from 4 air. (11). Tie these arches 5-6-th century. b / n. (12).

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