Openwork Knitting Top Free Pattern

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38/40 (42/44) 46/48 

Yarn (100% cotton, 100 m/50 g)-500 (550) 600 g denim; Short and long circular spokes № 5. 


In connection with a large number of loops we recommend to knit on long circular spokes in rows in the forward and reverse direction. 

Number of Loops multiple 6 + 2 + 2 Kromovyi = Knit SOGL. Schema. On it are given facial ranks. In the purl rows of loops to tie the figure, the scale of the tie purl; Of the 2 scale in a row of the 1st scale to tie the reverse, the 2nd scum-reverse crossed. To Start with one crown and a loop before the rapport, the rapport is constantly repeating, to finish the loop after the Rapport and 1 crown. Constantly repeating the 1st-8th series. 

Facial Rows-facial loops, purls rows-purls loops. 

Number of loops multiple 6. 

Facial rows: * 1 obverse, 2 loops to touch together the front, 2 scale, 2 loops to touch together the front with a slope to the left (1 loop to remove, as a face, 1 obverse, then to stretch it through a removed loop), 1 obverse, from * constantly repeating. 

Purls series: All Loops tie purl, 1st scale tie reverse, 2nd scum-reverse crossed. 

Circular Series: Alternately 1 facial, 1 purl. 

16.5 p. x 22 P. = 10 x 10 cm, is connected with openwork pattern; 
16.5 p. x 25.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected facial smoothness; 
The openwork Band on 2 p. = 1 sm. 

Jumper Knit A single cloth, starting with the right sleeve. 


Dial on the spokes of 82 loops and tie 1 seamy row of facial. This series is not taken into account in subsequent calculations. 

Continue working with openwork pattern. 

At the Same time to add to bevel sleeves on both sides alternately in each 6th and 8th row from the initial row 11 x 1 p. sogl. pattern = 104 P. 

For the side edges of the front and back through 38 cm = 84 series from the initial row dial on both sides 1 x 30 (36) 42 New loops = 164 (176) 188 p. and continue the work of the front surface. 

For the neck through 10 cm = 26 rows (12.5 cm = 32 rows) 15 cm = 38 rows from the change of pattern to leave the first 82 (88) 94 p. For the front and the last 82 (88) 94 p. Continue work for the backrest. 

After 21 cm = 54 Series (23.5 cm = 60 rows) 26 cm = 66 series from the change of pattern to perform openwork stripe on 1 cm = 2 rows, with the start of 1 Kromosnaya, to perform raport on 6 p. A total of 13 (14) 15 times, Finish 2 p. Facial smoothness For edges. These Two rows form the middle of the jumper. 

To continue work of a face smooth and through 11 SM = 28 numbers from the end of an openwork strip to leave loops of a backrest and for forward to continue work on left 82 (88) 94 loops. 

Simultaneously with division of work reduce for a neck 1 x 1 P., then in each row 3 x 1 p. and in each 2nd row 7 x 1 p. On the edge of the neck = 71 (77) 83 p. 

After 21 cm = 54 Series (23.5 cm = 60 rows) 26 cm = 66 series from the change of pattern to perform openwork stripe on 1 cm = 2 rows, with the start with 1 Crown and 2 p. Facial smoothness, then perform raport on 6 loops in total 11 (12) 13 times , finish 1 p. Facial smooth, cutting. 

Then finish the neck in the mirror, and the Ubaki will be a raise. 

After 11 cm = 28 rows from the end of the pattern 3 reconnect the loops of the front and back and on all 164 (176) 188 p. Finish pullover in the mirror, with the increase on the sleeve will become lower. 

After 38 cm = 84 series from the beginning of knitting sleeves Link 1 front row purl and then close the remaining 82 p. as Purls. 

For a running dial on circular spokes on the edge of the neck 74 loops and knit rubber band. When the width of the running 1.5 cm close all loops on the picture. 

Carry out side seams and seams of sleeves.

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