Knitting Olive Sweater Pattern

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Olive sweater Sizes: 36/38 (40/42) 44/46 
You will need: yarn (41% of 32% Polyester, 27% flax; 125 m, ' 50 g)-650 (700) 750 g of Olive High North Long and short circular Spokes NQ 3.5, 
Attention: The backrest and shelves in connection With whole-sleeved knit sleeves On long circular spokes in rows In the forward and reverse direction. 
Pattern 1: Structural pattern (Number of Loops multiple B + 2 Kromokri) = Knit SOGL. Scheme, it is given to the face- and Purls ranks. Start with 1 crown and loops before raps- That the rapport is constantly repeated, 
To finish the loops after Raport and 1 crown. Constantly repeating 1st-4th row. underlined tabs (2 loops): Only in the facial ranks. Left Shelf: At the end of the series Knit up 5 loops from the end, then 3 loops pro- Knit together front, 1 facial, For edges. Right shelf: In the beginning Number of crown, 1 obverse, 3 loops With the tilt to the left (1 loop to remove as front, 2 loops Together the front, then the Pull it through the removed loop). In the Purl the series of loops decreases the Purl. underlined bcaps (1 loop): Only in the facial ranks. Left Shelf: At the end of the series Knit up 4 loops from the end, then 2 loops pro- Knit together front, 1 facial, Crown, Praya Shelf: In the beginning Row, front, 2 loops With the tilt to the left (1 loop to remove as face, 1 person- And then stretch it through the removed The loop). In the Purl series of loops Decreases tying purl. 
Pattern 2: Elastic band (Number of loops But 4 + 2 kromokno), after dialing Loops start with 1 Iznanochnogo series: 1 purl, 2 faces- For edges 1 purl, from Constantly Repeat, the crown. In facial Loops on the figure. 
Knitting density: Pattern 1 -24 p. x 34 p = 10x10 cm. Backrest: Dial on the Spokes 110 (122) 134 Loops and Tie 1 seamy A number of purl; This series does not In subsequent calculations. Continue with pattern 1. Through 28 cm; 96 series from the initial row Dial for sleeves on both sides 1 x 1 P., then in each 2nd row of 3x P., 10x2 p., 2х6 p. х 48 NEW Loops and include in the pattern = 278 (290 in) 302 in 50.5 cm 172 series (53 cm = 180 Series) 55.5 cm 188 series from The initial row to close for the shoulder Bevel/bevel sleeves on both sides 1 x 11 p. v each 2nd row 12х8 p, (6 x 9 p. ibх8 p.) 12х9p "through 58 cm = 198 Series (60.5 cm 206 rows) 
63 cm 214 series from the initial row Close the remaining 64 of the p. Average 48 p. form a neck, External on 8 p.-Shoulders. 

Left shelf: dial on Spokes 152 (158) 164 loops and connect 1 Iznanoch Nlђ a number of purl. Continue Work pattern 1. Through Z cm = 10 rows from the initial row close For bevel of the neck on the left edge 1 x 5 p., then in each 2nd row Close 2x5 p., 3x4 p. and 6õ3 P., Then it is underlined to reduce 14 x 2 p. and 28 x 1 p., further emphasized the In each 4th row of 20 x 1 p, Simultaneously at the height of the backrest Right margin to perform a raise For sleeves and shoulder bevel, both on Backrest accordingly. After 58 cm = 198 series (60.5 cm = 206 rows) 63 cm = 214 rows from the initial row Close the remaining 8 p, shoulder, Right shelf: knit just like Left shelf, but in the mirror- of the marriage. 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams and Top seams of sleeves. Dial on Short circular spokes on the lower The edge of each sleeve by 58 (62 in) 70 p., at the same time. respectively, the The edges of the sleeves, and for the plan 2.ki tie 18 cm pattern Then Close the loops on the figure. Perform Side seams, bottom seams of sleeves and seams of laths. The product is evenly Live shelves up. End of Left To hold the shelves under the right The first time, twist and position the The angle of the closed edge is 4 cm below 

The right shoulder seam, then clos the Edge of the end about 30 cm Sew to Fillet neck The right shelf, the seam has a On the front side. Start The end of the shelf through the seam of the To bend outwards (putting the end of the shelves twice) and at a distance of approx. Ј cm from Stitch approx. 23 cm on the Right shelf. The end of the right shelf To hold over the left shelf, angle The closed edge to be positioned on the The back of the backrest and sew the Closed Edge first to the neck The backrest, then from the shoulder seam 32 cm to the fillet throat- Guilt of the left shelf. 

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