Handsome mens pullover with knitting needles free pattern

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. Knitting is given on the size: 48/50 (52-54) 
If one number is in place, then it corresponds to both sizes. 

For knitting you will need: Lana Gatto Sport yarn (100% wool, 137 m / 50 g.) - 750 (800), needles No. 3 and No. 4.5, round needles No. 3.5. 

Use patterns 
1 x 1 razinka: we knit, inversely, 1 face loop, 1 from the inside. 
Relief pattern: knit according to the pattern. 

Only the front rows are shown in the diagram, and the inside is knitted according to the pattern. 
At the height of the first from the 42nd row. 

Knitting capacity: 32 p. X 36 p. = 10 x 10 cm 

Description of knitting male pullover 

We collect the needles number 3.5 - 178 (194) loops, and weave 8 cm. Elastic. Go ahead with the needles No. 4 and knit a relief pattern. At a height of 60 cm - 218 rows from rubber we close all the loops. 

knitting analog spine. At a height of 51 cm - 184 rows from the gum we close for the cutout of the mouth averages 24 loops and finish both sides separately. 
To round a cutout in each 2 row, decrease 1 time 4 loops, 2 times for 3 loops, 3 times for 2 pet, 4 times for 1 loop. 
At a height of 60 cm - 218 rows from the gum we close the remaining hinge loops. 

We put 82 loops on the knitting needles and we knit 8 cm. With rubber. Next, continue to knit relief pattern with needles No. 4. For the ruse, we add on both sides in each 6 row 7 times and 30 times in each 4 series (40 times in each 4th series) 1 p. Total 156 (162) loops. At a height of 47 cm - 168 rows from the gum, close all the loops. 

Assembly We 
perform all seams. On the edge of the mouth dialing 150 loops and 3 cm knit elastic band. Close all looped to the picture.  

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