Crochet Lace Blouse Pattern

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Summer Crochet Blouse

The original blouse for summer is crocheted with raglan sleeves and slit on a Basque. Decorated blouse filigree pattern, which is a vertical stripe made on the shoulders and sleeves, as well as on the bottom.
Size: 34/36 (38/40 in)
You will need: yarn (75% cotton, 25% Viscose; 110 m/50 g)-500 (550) G pink; Hook № 4.5.

Main pattern: Art. c/N. Each row start with a 3 VP rise instead of the 1st art. c/N and finish 1 art. S/N in the last VP replacement of the previous row.
Diamond Pattern: The number of loops of the initial row multiple 12 + 1. Knit SOGL. Scheme 1 crochet pattern crochet. To start with loops before Raport, raport constantly repeating, to finish loops after raport. Run 1 times 1-10 series, then constantly repeat the 5-10 series.
Flower (1 piece): to form 1 initial loop and knit SOGL. Scheme 2 crochet pattern crochet circular rows. Each circular range start with 1 nozzle. Art. and finish 1 soed. Art. In the 1st co-ed. Art. Circular series. Attention! 2-nd and 4-th circular series to perform for the 1st 3rd Circular series, respectively, in the soyed. Art. 1st and 3rd Circular series. Run 1 times 1-5th circular series.
The density of knitting: the main pattern-16 p. x 11 P. = 10 x 10 cm; Pattern of rhombuses-21 p. of the initial row x 8 p. = 10 x 10 cm.

Description of crochet blouse:
Bottom detail: Run a chain of 241 (265) VP + 3 VP Lifting and Knit pattern of rhombuses. After 21 cm = 17 rows from the initial row finish the job. Lateral edges up to the 1st full group of art. c/n Accordingly to sew on the wrong side.
The lower part of the upper corners to lock into the ring. The upper edge, evenly distributed, tying 165 (183) art. c/N. As a result of filing of lateral edges and tying of art. c/n The width of the part will decrease.
The beginning of the circular series (= right side) to be positioned at a distance of 13 (16) cm from the right edge of the work and tie each art. c/N and each arch V. P. of a pattern from Rhombs 1 art. c/N (= 9 St. c/N on rapport + 1 initial and 2 end loops). Continue the work of the main pattern circular series, and to give the form to reduce in each circular series, evenly distributed, 3 x 10 (12) p. (= Projazit 2nd. S/n together) = 135 (149) p. Through 15.5 cm from the beginning of knitting the main pattern to leave the work and To mark Loops as follows: On 5 loops on both parties from transition of a circular series (= the right armhole), 57 (64) loops of a backrest, 10 loops of the left armhole and 58 (65) loops of front.

Sleeves: Perform for each sleeve chain of 57 (63) VP and continue working as follows: 18 (21) p. Main pattern, 21 p. Pattern of rhombuses (from Arrow A-B), 18 (21) p. Main pattern. After 34 cm from the initial row mark loops of a pattern from rhombuses plus on both parties from them on 13 (16) Loops of the basic pattern, remained on 5 art. S/n form edges of armholes. Leave the job.
Assembly: For the yoke of the cut Reglan re-insert the details into the work as follows: Marked loops of the left sleeve, 50 (60) of the backrest, marked with the hinges of the right sleeve. 50 (60) p. Front. Continue work Sogl. By circular rows, thus reduce for reglannyh Skusov in each circular row 12 (14) x 4 p. To do this, the first and last 2 art. c/N of each part together respectively and between the Ubavkami to execute for a line of a Reglan on 1 V.P. through 11 SM = 12 Circular Series (12.5 cm = 14 circular rows) from the beginning of the knitting of the Reglan finish the work 1 circular series of art. b/N. Carry out seams of sleeves and armholes. Sew the flower to the beginning of the cut.
Crochet blouse Pattern:

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