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Knitting pullover

Dimensions: 36/38, 40/42 and 44/46

Different data for size. 40/42 and 44/46 are shown in brackets sequentially through a dash. If there is only one number, it applies to all sizes.

You will need

Yarn (100% wool; 95 m / 50 g) - 800 (900-1000) g blue.

Spokes number 6; circular needles number 8 with a length of 120 cm; marker for loops.

Gum: alternately 1 persons., 1 out.

Patent pattern (odd number of loops):

1st row: chrome., * 1 p., Remove with a crochet, as when seamy, 1 person., Repeat from *, finish: 1 p., Remove with a crochet, as with seamy knitting, chrome.

2nd row: chrome., * Double crochet the loop with the front one, remove the next loop with the double crochet, as when doing knit knitting, repeat from *, finish: loop the front loop and crochet together with the front, chrome.

3rd row: chrome., * 1 p. Remove with a crochet, as when seam knitting, knit the next loop and nakid with the front one, repeat from *, finish: 1 p. Remove with a cape, as with seam crochet, chrome. Run from the 1st to the 3rd rows 1 time, then repeat the 2nd and 3rd rows.

Edge edge “front chain”: at the beginning of each row, stitching the front stitch at the beginning of each row, at the end of the row lay a working thread before the last loop before the work and remove the last stitch as a front stitch.

Add 1 p.: From the broach between the loops to knit 1 person. crossed or 1 out. crossed.

Add a few loops from the edge: at the beginning of the row, enter the right needle into the chrome. loop, as with the front knitting, grab and pull the thread, but do not fold the loop with the knitting needle. Then use the left needle to pick up the thread from the right needle = new loop. After that, pull out the thread from the new loop and also catch it with the left needle. Reception is repeated until the required number of loops is gathered on the left spoke.

Knitting density: 15 points x 20 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by an elastic in 2 threads with needles No. 6: 7.5 p. X 23 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a patent pattern in 2 threads with the needles No. 8.

Important: in the pattern, two knit rows form one visible row!

Attention: the product fits in 2 threads in the transverse direction from the left sleeve!

Knitting pullover description

Gather in 2 threads 33 (35-37) p. And knit with the edges of the "front chain" rows in the forward and reverse directions with an elastic band, starting with wear. row and after chrome. from 1 person. and 1 out. loops. After 15 cm = 31 p. from the dial-up series to continue the work of the patent pattern, noting in the 1st p. middle loop. In the 3rd p. patent pattern start average gains. To do this, in front of the marked middle loop add 1 int. cross the loop, tying it out of the broach, the next 3 paragraphs knit on the pattern and re-add 1 out. crossed loop. These additions should be repeated 13 (14-15) times alternately in every 2nd and every 6th river, taking into account that in the rows with the increments, add persons in turn. crossed and out. crossed loops = 61 (65-69) p., thus including the added loops in the patent pattern.

Simultaneously in the 26th p. on both sides add 1 p., then in each 14 r p. 1 time for 1 p. And 1 time for 2 p., Then in every 2nd p. 1 more times for 2 p. and 1 time for 13 p. = on the spokes 99 (103-107) p. Through 13 cm = 30 p. from the last average loop increase divided as follows: in the 31st p. knit the first 49 (51-53) s. according to the figure, dial the new 12 sts = 61 (63-65) sts for the collar, temporarily leave the rest 50 (52-54) sts. Continue knitting the back of the patent pattern. Knit until the width of the collar is 26 (28-30) cm = 60 (64-68) p. In the last life. row 12 p. of the collar to close, the remaining 49 (51-53) p. of the backrest temporarily leave.

Front loops translate into working needles and the first 2 paragraphs knit together the front. In the next w. row after 49 (51-53) p. type new 12 p. for collar = 61 (63-65) p. For the front, knit 26 (28-30) cm = 60 (64-68) p for the back. and in the last row close the 12 p. collar. In the next row, loop the loops on some knitting needles: knit back loops, add 1 st., Knit front loops = 99 (103-107) n. From the middle of the collar, knit in the mirror image. After 50 (54-58) cm = 116 (124-134) p. (measure at the bottom edge) on both sides, subtract 1 time by 13 p., then in each 2nd p. 2 times 2 p. And in each 14th p. 2 times in 1 p. = On the spokes 61 (65-69) p.

At the same time through 13 cm = 30 p. from the end of the collar, mark the middle loop and 2 points before the mark and 2 points after the mark 14 (15-16) alternately in every 2nd and every 6th r. knit together in accordance with the pattern - purl or facial = on the needles 33 (35-37) p. After the last subtract, tie 2 more p. patent pattern, then go to the spokes number 6 and continue to work with an eraser. After 15 cm = 31 p. from the beginning of the gum all loops close.

Assembly: chop the product on the pattern, moisten and leave to dry. Run side seams and collar seams. The ends of the threads fasten.

Pattern for knitting pullover

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