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If you are a fan of coquettish feminine outfits, then in your closet you must have an openwork light dress. Such things look romantic, seductive and feminine. A light dress with an openwork weave will emphasize the figure and give your image grace. Such things are beautifully combined with many accessories, so it is possible to create new images every day.

The proposed model of an openwork dress attracts attention with its beautiful pattern. Complex round motifs are combined with a mesh fabric, and generally create the impression of airiness and lightness. The dress has a lower fabric cover, so it's appropriate to wear it for a walk, and for a meeting with friends. If you supplement the outfit with a short jacket or blazer, you can go to work in this form. And for holidays and meetings with friends, you can pick up this stylish dress with eye-catching accessories - for example, several wide massive bracelets that will emphasize the elegance of the lace fabric.

Like any other thing, a knitted dress should be selected according to the type of figure. A variety of models allows you to choose the best option for both pyshek and slender girls. In any case, the owner of such a dress will look elegant and fashionable. 

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