Crochet Red Sweater Free Pattern

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Knitting instructions 
Attention: constantly knit folded double thread! 
Mesh Pattern: Knit according to the scheme. Iu4rami right Krav designated persons, rows, with left Krav- 
WPI-ranks. In the width to start flying. to the 1st arrow. Repeat between the arrows rapport. 
Finish the loops after the 2nd arrow, in the Height run 1 time and P "then these 2 p. 
Density of knitting, net UZSR. Slicy m. 7, folded by two threads: 1 L. and 22 p. 
-10-10 cm. 
Backrest: folded double thread to dial 5 ' (57) 63 p. and knit a mesh pattern. After 40 cm = 88 R. 
From the set edge mark from both sides the beginning of the armholes and further straight. Through 15.5 (17) 18 cm 
• 34 (38) R. From the beginning armholes all loops close. 
Before: Knit like a back. 
Sleeves: folded double thread to dial 36 (39) 42 p. and knit a mesh pattern. After 50 cm 
From the Dial-up CD "Aya all the loops close. 
A: Details to pattern. Moisten and allow to dry, to carry out seams. Side 
• To the mark as well as on both sides of the shoulder (s) ' 45 cm. Lining sleeves. 

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