Knitting Very Nice Top Free Pattern

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You will need 
Yarn (100% cotton, 110 m/50 g)-200 g pink, 150 g peach and lilac, 100 g blue-green and bright green, 50 g light green; Hook № 3.5.

Patterns and diagrams

Main pattern 
In a circle. R.: Number of loops of the initial row of multiple 4.

Knit by scheme.

Each circular series start as shown in the diagram, with 1 VP lifting instead of 1st PV and finish 1 soed. Art. In the last VP rise of the preceding circular series.

If necessary, move to the beginning of the next circular series with the help of a nozzle. Art. To start with loops before Raport, raport constantly repeating, to finish loops after raport. 1-42nd Circle. P. Execute 1 time, then repeat with 4th round. P. 
Color sequence 
1 lap. P. Peach, bright green and peach thread, 
* 5 circle. P. Pink Thread, 
1 lap. P. Lilac, pink and lilac thread, 
3 Circle. P. Pink Thread, 
1 circle. P. Light green Thread, 
5 circle. P. Peach thread, 
2 Circle. P. Light green and pink thread, 
6 circle. P. Lilac Thread, 
1 lap. P. Blue-green, peach thread, 
* * Blue-green and bright green thread, 
from * * Repeat 4 more times, 
Then from * repeat.


Density of knitting 
18 p. x 9.5 the circle. R./r. = 10 x 10 cm.

Work execution 
Run the chain of 216 VP and 3 VP lifting the peach thread and lock into the ring.

Next knit the main pattern according to the color sequence.

For armholes through 49 cm = 47 circle. P. From the initial range of work divided into the front and back and knit rows in the forward and reverse direction: 136 p. (= back), 4 p. (= 1-i armow), 72 p. (= before), 4 p. (= 2nd armi).

At first on 136 p. To finish a backrest, thus in 1-th p. For a cut of a neck on a back to leave not Projazazany average 96 p. and each party to knit on a pattern and according to a sequence of colours.

After 19 cm = 18 p. From the beginning of the division finish knitting on the remaining on each side of the 20 p. Shoulders.

For armholes leave on both sides Unprojaziv on 4 p. and work on the average 72 p. front.

For the neck through 12.5 cm = 12 p. From the division to leave the unmade 32 p.

Work to finish at the height of the backrest on the remaining on each side 20 p.

On the edge of the neck on the backrest on both sides of the middle line lay two folds, as shown in the sketch, fasten them. The neck and the edges of the armhole tie 3 circle. Vertical Conn. Art. Pink Thread.

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