Pullover with Short Sleeve Free Pattern

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Size 40/42 
You will need: 
• 400 g yarn Dentm Jeans from Mantfattura MAFJL Di Romagnano Sesia si- Color n254 • Spokes 
NQ3, 5 • Auxiliary 
Spoke with two sharp 
Ends • Hook nq3, 5 • 
With buttons of dark blue color of different 
Sizes • Needle for wool. 
Spokes: facial surface. Of 
Nano-surface. Shelves pattern 
(Knit on the number of loops, multiples of 8): 
1st and 5th R.: Facial surface. 
2nd R. and even R.: Surface. 
3rd R.: • 4 p. Cross to the left 
(= 2 p. postponed to Auxiliary 
Spokes before work, 2 persons. P., pro- 
Knit faces. Deferred p.), 4 p. 
Baptize right 2 p. Postpone on 
Auxiliary spokes at work, 
Two persons. P., to touch persons. Pending 
P.) •. Repeat from * to *. 
• 4 p. Cross the 
7th row. 
In, 4 p. Cross to the left *, 
Echo from * 
8th row: Repeat the 1st row. 
Crochet: "The next Step": Knit, 
As art. 6/N, but from left to right. 

Density of knitting 
The pattern "shelves" on the spokes N23, 5: 
23.5 p. and 26.5 r. = Loch 10 cm 
IPMs. On the spokes N23, 5:20 p. and 
25 10 х10 cm. 
Order of work 
Back: On the spokes Dial 137 p. 
and knit Fringe-20 p. N. Surface 
8 cm). Continue, evenly 
The 47 of the P. 
The first row, and then knit: 
1 Chrome. N., 88, the "Poluki", 
1 Crown Loop. 28 cm from the edge 
(= 78 R.), for the Reglan to close from both 
5 p., then reduce the range of 
3 p. 1 p. In each 2nd P. 16 times. Che 
Cut 13 cm from the beginning of the Reglan 34 R.) 
Close the remaining 48 loops. 
Before: Knit like a backrest. 
Sleeves: On the spokes Dial 52 p, and 
Knit 22 p. N. Stitch, 8 p, pattern 
"Poliski", 22 P. N. Surface. The 
Add 1 P. in each 6th p. 
6 times, 1 p. In each 4th R. B Times 
and knit these new L. N. Surface. 
After 27 cm of total height (= 68 R.) 
For the Reglane close on both sides 
5 p., then reduce to the limits of Z 
P. 1 p. In each 2nd P. 18 times. Che 
Cut 15 cm from the beginning of the Reglan (= 38 R.) 
Close the remaining 30 loops. 
Collar: On the spokes Dial 15 p. 
and knit faces. To the semi- 
The bevel, you must add the 
1 p, at the beginning and reduce by 1 p. 
of each odd series (= Face- 
Side of the work canvas). ve 
Approximately 70 cm, then 
Close the hinges. 
Assembling and finishing 
Sew the Reglan. Connect collar 
Into the ring and sew it to the edge of the mountain- 
Lap-catching. Run seam from 
Brushes up to sidewall. Sew the 
To the top of the Reglane left 
Shelves. Crochet Run Department- 
The bottom edge of the backrest, front and 

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