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SIZE: 38 
We need: Irina yarn (66% cotton, 34% viscose, 334 m / 100 g) - 500 g blue, 100 g blue color, needles # 1.5, tackle 2 

Facial smoothness: persons. ranks - individuals. p., izn, ranks - izn. . n 

Pezinka 1 × 1: 1 poperemenno persons. n., 1 out. . n 

knitting density:. 23 n ryada x 33 = 10 x 10 cm. 

Cpinka: naberite nA spokes ppyazhey golybogo Colors 110 n Bind 2 ryada rezinkoy.. Further knit 50 cm = 164 row of faces. satin stitch. To further reduce both sides 5 times x 1 point in each 9th row = 40 rows. Next, knit 66 rows - 20 cm straight. Then close the armor on both sides for 5 p.

Next, add 12 times x 1 point for each person. a row (all 24 rows). Next, knit 7 cm = 24 rows straight. Then close the middle 36 s to remove the mouth of the crotch and knit each side separately. To block a cut, close the inner edge 8 times x 1 point in each face. the row. Close the remaining shoulder loops. Finish the other side similarly. 

Before: knit analog back to waist. Next, tie 36 rows = 11 cm straight and close the loops. Perform side seams. Tie the crochet bottom with the following pattern: 1 row - Art. b / n, 7 rows - according to the scheme. Further knit Kosketky pattern according to the scheme. Coquette knit from top to bottom in accordance with the expulsion.

Assembly: Attach the finished bag to the base in such a way that the blue part is off-the-fly, so it is placed on the canvas connected to the top. gladyu. Tie the top of the dress and top with 2 rows of art. b / n and 1 row "rachego step." Tie blue and blue yarn strings, sew к to the back of the yarn, tie. ‌ ‌

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