Cap and scarf with owls free pattern

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It turns out that owls never go out of style. They are universal. Owl ornaments are suitable for both boys and girls. 

It's amazing how you can transform the pattern "pigtail"! I tied up the drawing several times until I achieved the result I liked. To the scheme added wings. 

The owl turns out volume and texture. And it looks very good, knitted of light yarn. I tried to knit the pattern with bright blue threads, the whole pattern is lost and the owl is hard to see. Therefore, I chose a yarn of pale blue, muted color. 

The hat is double, rectangular shape, knitting circular, face loops. At the corners of the brush. The eyes of the owl are beads. And you can embroider them with threads, also looks good. 

The scarf is 135 cm long and 14 cm wide. 

It is tied with a front satin stitch, with a “pearl” edge, so that the edges do not curl. 

At both ends of the owl, and so that they do not turn upside down, at the beginning of the scarf the pattern is knitted according to the scheme from bottom to top, at the end, vice versa - from top to bottom.

The hat and scarf are knitted with needles No. 2.5. Yarn - Australian merino pehorka elite series. There are good reviews about her on the Internet, but I didn’t like it - the thread in a skein is thin, sometimes thick, and intermittent fibers are intermittently found. 

But the scheme may be useful to someone


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